How do you get a clay hut in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

How do you get a clay hut in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Bring 12 Clay Bricks to the foundation of the Clay Hut to build it. Clay=Red Earth + Water (45 mins.) *Clay Brick=Clay + Fire (2 hrs.) *Available after upgraded tech.

How do you complete the puzzles in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?


  1. Place a Villager in the pile of wood (north part of the river)
  2. Craft 2 center-pieces (metal + forge nucket + anvil)
  3. Attach the center-pieces to the water wheel.
  4. Bring a villager to the water wheel to complete it.

How do you gather pond water in vv2?

Drag a villager onto the water bucket. They will collect water from the ocean. Found due below the cave next to a large rock. Found at the top right corner of the west beach next to the algae.

How do you pick up the hot rock in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

After they cool the rock with water, you have to drag a villager onto the rock shortly after or it will heat again and you’ll have to redo the process, including getting another bucket of water. The villager will take the rock to the Kraken statue.

What does Giant Head mean in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

Giant Head. Increases the size of the villager’s head. Master Builder. The villager becomes a master at building.

How do you make rhubarb pie in vv2?

Bring 3 seeds from the Seed Bag next to the Water Bucket besides Research Table to The Garden. Use 3 Fertilizers from the Crafting Hut on The Garden and wait for plants to grow. Harvest Rhubarb from The Garden. Take Dough, Apple and Rhubarb to the table and create a pie.

How do you get snake eggs in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?

To hatch the snake eggs you must first rebuild the kraken statue. To get there you need 2 rocks and 2 metal. You need a maxed builder. Select an adult and drag them to the crafting shed.

How do you get mini eggs in vv2?

Mini Eggs=Bacteria+Pond Water.

How do you fix the pedestals in Virtual Villagers Origins 2?


  1. There are four pedestals: two stone, and two metal.
  2. Once they are rebuilt with a villager of skill with both building and research you are able to worship the Kraken statue.
  3. In crafting hut, make stone x 2 and metal x 2.
  4. stone = lava + water (45 mins.)
  5. metal = stone + fire (2 hrs.)

How do you get the master gatherer in Virtual Villagers 2?

By starting with a 20 year old villager and working hard I did eventually get them up to ‘Master’ status at the age of 70 or so. Alternatively you can find the villager who died while you were working on them, reincarnate them by paying lavastones, then continue to increase their skill.

How do you make a pie VV?

What can kids gather vv2?

In Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children Children keep their ability to gather mushrooms to feed the village. Since collectibles have been added to this game, children are also able to gather the collectibles, which convert into Tech.

How do you get antidote in vv2?

Bring Mini Eggs from the Crafting Hut to the nest during rain and wait for them to hatch. Mini Eggs=Bacteria+Pond Water. Bacteria=Algae+Water. Gather Poison from the nest of snakes during rain and mix it with Magic to create Antidote.

How do you solve puzzle 2 in Virtual Villagers 2?

The Fire

  • Fixing the Dock
  • Crafting Hut
  • Release The Kraken
  • Worship
  • The Garden
  • Rhubarb Pie
  • Clay Hut
  • Antidote
  • The Water Wheel
  • How do you complete the puzzles in Virtual Villagers?

    – The 7 th puzzle found in Chapter one of Virtual Villagers Origin 2. – Afterwards, you must use three fertilizers available in the Crafting Hut and wait for plants to grow. – Once done, grab your gardening tools and harvest the Rhubarb from the Garden. – After that, your objective is to create a pie by brining both Rhubarb and Dough to the table.

    How can you improve skills faster in Virtual Villagers 2?

    Farming: Farming includes harvesting blueberries,crops or fishing.

  • Building: Building a hut or special buildings can contribute to this skill.
  • Research: Researching at a Research Bench increases research skill.
  • How do you open the box in Virtual Villagers 2?

    Lit the fire,it will avoid sickness in the future.

  • If your villagers have low health,drop them on the food bin: eating will restore their health.
  • Some potions can also restore health
  • Improving Medicine tech can help avoid that problem in the future.
  • Train someone to be a doctor,so that they will automatically heal the sick villagers