How do you do the Easter egg on aisle 9?

How do you do the Easter egg on aisle 9?

In order to activate the easter egg, players will need to shoot the teddy off, whether by throwing knife or by gun. Upon doing so, the crate will burst open and the easter egg will start. When the crate doors burst open, there is an explosion of confetti and loud party horns.

How do you do Cheshire Park Easter egg?

Take the cheese wheel to the Pied Piper statue in the middle of the map and place the offering at the base. The Pied Piper will play his tune, the rats will circle the statue, before spontaneously combusting. Congrats, Easter egg complete!

What MW maps have Easter eggs?

A new map called ‘Cheshire Park’ was added to Modern Warfare which is set in London. The map features a statue of the Pied Piper where the discovery of the Easter Egg was made. The Pied Piper’s story is a German myth wherein a town hired a piper to get rid of the rats in the town.

What is the code on trench?

Head inside the bunker and you’ll find a red phone sitting on the table with all of the stuffed animals. Pick up the phone and listen to the numbers while you jot down the code. Fortunately, these numbers are the same in every match. So head back over to the keypad and shoot in the numbers 53125.

Is Cheshire Park a real place?

Cheshire Park is a fictional location in London, England, and now players can visit it in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to host virtual gunfights with each other.

How many mouse traps Cheshire Park Easter egg?

There are over 40 Mouse Trap locations in #ModernWarfare’s Cheshire Park Easter Egg…

Why is there a Teddy Bear in the mystery box?

The Teddy Bear appears mainly in the Mystery Box. When the Teddy Bear appears, that means the last player to go open the Mystery Box has not received a gun. Instead, there is a little girl’s giggle that can be heard, followed by a demonic sounding “BYE, BYE!”, and the Teddy floats up out of the Box.

What does the Teddy Bear do in zombies?

A teddy bear power-up can be found in Dead Ops Arcade. It repels zombies away from the player, and lasts 20 seconds. The Teddy Bear also returns in Ascension, appearing in the Mystery Box like in the previous Zombies maps.

Can you still open the bunker on trench?

This can be done in either a private custom match or a public match if Trench comes up. In order to open the bunker doors first with the keypad, you need to find the correct code. The first number can be found to the right-hand side of the bunker door, when you’re facing away from it.

How many mouse traps do you need in Cheshire Park?

To awaken the Pied Piper and rid Cheshire Park of its rat infestation, you must locate and shoot a total of five (5) mouse traps which can be found in various locations around the map.