How do you date a Redline BMX?

How do you date a Redline BMX?

Please note: The Redline serial number will give you the build date of your Redline BMX. Frames were normally manufactured the year before being sold in bike shops. So a build date on a frame of 2003 usually means the bike was sold in stores in 2004.

Is Redline BMX still in business?

Redline Bicycles is an American company offering BMX, freestyle, cyclocross, mountain (MTB), and road bicycles and components that is currently owned and operated by Regent, L.P. It also owns and operates a clothing line and five race teams….Redline bicycles.

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What year did Redline BMX start?

Redline was founded in November 1970 when Kastan, a motorcycle frame builder, partnered with professional flat-track motorcycle racer Mike Konle.

What year was the redline 340?

1995 Redline RL-340.

Is Redline a good bike brand?

Redline BMX bikes have some of the best Pro bikes on the market. For freestyle, the Redline Asset 24 is an exceptional bike for all disciplines, especially dirt jumps and skate parks.

What is the best Redline BMX bike?

Redline Bicycles MX-20 We chose the Dynacraft as our Best Bang for the Buck because of its overall quality and value. Read our full review for our pros, cons, and bottom line on each of the models we chose for our top five. Our team of experts has selected the best adult BMX bikes out of hundreds of models.

What is a Redline BMX?

Redline BMX Bikes. Redline BMX Bikes have been available since the 1970s. As one of the original names in BMX, Redline continues to produce top quality bikes, frames, parts and bmx accessories for the bmx rider. You can buy your next awesome Redline Bike here online at

Where are Redline bicycles made?

The limited-edition replica kit of the 1980s-era Redline RL 20 II Pro Styler will be manufactured by Kastan at his factory in Mexico. Pizzi said Kastan has the original frame engineering drawings, which are being digitized. The kits will be manufactured in the first quarter 2021 and available in the second quarter.

Are Redline BMX any good?

Best Pro BMX: Redline BMX The Redline BMX Monocog is the best pro BMX bike for racing and speed. It is light and responsive and performs excellent on a single track, with lots of tight twists and obstacles. The Monocog easily hop over obstacles and allow you to throw it around and shift weight easily.

Is Redline a good BMX brand?

Who makes Redline?

Red Line Synthetic Oil is a synthetic lubricants manufacturer located in Benicia, California, United States. It is part of Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation.

Is Redline BMX good?