How do you conjugate estar in the preterite tense?

How do you conjugate estar in the preterite tense?

Pretérito Perfecto – Preterite Tense

  1. yo estuve– I was.
  2. tú estuviste – you were.
  3. vos estuvo – you (South American) were.
  4. él/ella/usted estuvo – he/she/you (formal) were.
  5. nosotros/as estuvimos – we were.
  6. vosotros/as estuvisteis – you (plural) were.
  7. ustedes estuvieron – you (plural) were.
  8. ellos/as estuvieron – they were.

What are the conjugations for the verb estar?

The conjugations of Estar are:

  • Yo → estoy.
  • Tú (you informal) → estás.
  • Èl/Ella/ Ud (you formal) → está
  • Nosotros (nosotras) → estamos.
  • Vosotros (vosotras) → estáis.
  • Ellos/Ellas/Uds. → están.

How do you use preterite and estar in a sentence?

Example Sentences with Estar Preterite Tense Conjugations Yo estuve varias semanas viajando por la India. I was travelling around India for several weeks. Tu estuviste en casa de mis padres, ¿verdad? You were at my parents’ house, weren’t you?

Is estar regular or irregular in preterite?

regular verb
Preterite of Sentarse Sentarse is a regular verb, so just take its stem (sent-) and add the preterite endings as seen below.

How do you remember the estar conjugation?

“Estar” can be remembered using the acronym “PLACE”: Position….The uses of ser can be memorised using the acronym “DOCTOR”:

  1. Date/description.
  2. Occupation.
  3. Characteristic.
  4. Time.
  5. Origin.
  6. Relationship.

What is Sentarse in preterite tense?

Sentarse is a Spanish verb meaning to sit. Sentarse is conjugated as a reflexive verb in the preterite tense….Sentarse Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo me senté
tú te sentaste
él/ella se sentó
ns. nos sentamos
vs. os sentasteis

What is estar in imperfect tense?

Like the present continuous tense, the imperfect continuous tense is composed of two parts: The correct form of the verb estar in the imperfect tense….The imperfect continuous tense.

imperfect tense of estar
(yo) estaba
(tú) estabas
(él/ella/usted) estaba
(nosotros) estábamos

How do you conjugate Despertarse in the preterite?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb despertarse in Preterite tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo me desperté
Tu te despertaste
El/Ella se despertó
Nosotros nos despertamos

How do you use past participle of estar?

The past participle can be used as an adjective to indicate emotions, states, or conditions. They also need to utilize the verb ESTAR in order to function as adjectives. To form the past participle, you’ll need to add a new ending to [-AR], [-ER], and [-IR] verbs.