How do you add units in Medieval 2 Total War?

How do you add units in Medieval 2 Total War?

On my keyboard its: “Shift + 2” to make doubles. You can then press Up arrow key and it will bring down the latest typed in command and you can press enter again. Allowing you to spawn more units and access the command quicker for editing to change settlement/general and unit in question, etc. in-game names.

How do you replenish units in Medieval 2?

What you need to do to replenish them is bring the damaged units back to a city/castle that can produce them and “retrain” them.

How do you recruit mercenaries in Medieval 2?

Total War: MEDIEVAL II – Definitive Edition You have to use your General on campaing map to get some mercenaries. On map, open generals personal info page by right clicking on him and there is a box you need to press to see mercenarie page.

How do you increase replenishment rate in Napoleon total war?

Buildings such as farms, roads, and especially supply posts boost rates of replenishment. The Russian unique building, the Minin Monument, gives a global replenishment rate increase.

How do you cheat in Medieval Total War?

Enter these cheats at the campaign map.

  1. Copper for province: . mefoundsomecu.
  2. Full map: . matteosartori.
  3. Gold for province: . mefoundsomeau.
  4. Have a million Florins: . deadringer.
  5. Iron for province: . viagra.
  6. Play as rebels: . conan.
  7. Silver for province: . mefoundsomeag.
  8. Speed up construction: worksundays.

Did Kings hire mercenaries?

These funds were used by the English kings to hire reli- able mercenaries. The practice of scutage, first initiated by Henry II in 1159, became so unpopular that it was condemned in a number of sections of the Magna Carta. Another way English kings paid their mercenaries was by granting them money fiefs.

How do you get ogre Mercs?

Ogre Mercenary Camps have a chance to spawn on the campaign map whenever a battle, siege, sacking or razing of a settlement takes place. These will be indicated by an orange glowing circular Maw symbol appearing at a location on the campaign map with the Ogre Mercenaries Arrive notification popping up.

How do you increase replenishment in Shogun 2?

Total War: SHOGUN 2 You either hire new troops or get the hurt troops to a friendly province that has high replenishment rate. Remember, armies that are hurt without a general will not replenish until they are within a castle.

Was ww1 a Total War?

World War I is often referred to as the first “total war.” People at the time used this term to describe the size and devastation of the war. It helped them understand how the roles of soldiers and civilians became difficult to separate.

Can you play as timurids?

Without extensive modification, you cannot play the Mongols/Aztecs/Timurids because they don’t ‘exist’ at the start of the campaign which even if you modify the ini. file to let you pick them in Single Player, the game will just crash if you try to play their campaign.