How do I reset my Goautodial root password?

How do I reset my Goautodial root password?

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  1. At the boot(grub) menu select the linux kernel.
  2. then press e.
  3. Go to the end of the line.
  4. add 1 or S or Single at the end of the line.
  5. press enter.
  6. press b on the line to boot from that line.
  7. Now the root prompt will come.
  8. run the command ‘passwd’ and it will ask you to change your password for root.

How do I set up Goautodial?

On your GoAutoDial Dashboard page under “Admin Settings/Carrier” click on “Add New Carrier” and then select Manual as the Carrier Type. Provide the following parameters and then click “Submit” once completed: Note: The username and password must match the username and password set on your portal connection.

How do you use a Goautodial?

Agent Login Procedure

  1. On the GoAutoDial main page click Agent Login.
  2. Input the agent credentials below then click LOGIN.
  3. Click Resume Button to start receiving calls if your campaign is using a Predictive dialing or Auto Dial method of dialing.
  4. To do Manual Dial click the Manual Dial Button on your agent interface.

Is Goautodial free?

we use for now goautodial v3.

How do I recover my ssh password?

Recovering your SSH key passphrase

  1. In Finder, search for the Keychain Access app.
  2. In Keychain Access, search for SSH.
  3. Double click on the entry for your SSH key to open a new dialog box.
  4. In the lower-left corner, select Show password.
  5. You’ll be prompted for your administrative password.
  6. Your password will be revealed.

How do I reset my ssh password?


  1. If you have not done so already, enable SSH. See How to enable SSH access for details.
  2. Log in to your server with SSH.
  3. Enter the command: passwd.
  4. Type your password, then press Enter.
  5. When prompted for your current UNIX password, enter your SSH password, then press Enter.
  6. Retype your new password and press enter.

How do I create a carrier in ViciDial?

Adding a new Carrier trunk to your System

  1. Go to the ViciDial administration page, go to the ADMIN section, click on CARRIERS then click on the ADD NEW CARRIER link.
  2. Now Click the Submit button to create this Carrier record, wait for one minute and then the carrier record will be active.

What is a predictive dialer used for?

Predictive dialing software selects a phone number and dials it for a call center agent, reducing the time spent manually dialing phone numbers each day. The predictive dialer uses algorithms and mathematical formulas to predict how long it takes an agent to answer a call and their availability.

How do I find my Linux server password?

In some situations, you may need to access an account for which you’ve lost or forgotten a password.

  1. Step 1: Boot to Recovery Mode. Restart your system.
  2. Step 2: Drop Out to Root Shell.
  3. Step 3: Remount the File System with Write-Permissions.
  4. Step 4: Change the Password.

How do I upload leads to GOautodial?

GOautodial Open Source Omni-channel Contact Center Suite

  1. To upload your lead file. Click TELEPHONY and LIST.
  2. Make sure that you’ve followed the lead file format and save as . csv comma delimited.
  3. On the right side.
  4. Lead status will be posted after you successfully uploaded your lead file, Click Ok once its done.

How do I download data from Vicidial?

Below is a standard vicidial lead csv/excel template to upload the data.

  1. Download link : ClickHere refer the below video of reference.
  2. Open the file in excel.
  3. Fill the necessary fields (like , Phone, Phone code, Firstname , lastname etc)
  4. Save the file.
  5. Now click the (save as) option from File or press F12 keyboard button.