How do I remove Mr Clean microfiber mop head?

How do I remove Mr Clean microfiber mop head?

Remove c-pin by pulling it out of pole. 3. Squeeze the 2 blue buttons at the base of the plastic handle and slide mop head up and off the pole.

How do you clean a Clorox mop head?

up your cleaning solution. If you use Clorox® Bleach, mix 1/2 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water. the mop in your cleaning solution so it’s immersed up to the top of the head. Make sure to saturate your mop in the diluted cleaning solution and wring out the excess liquid.

Does Mr Clean mop head come off?

Details. Easy ratcheting twist action. Removable & machine washable mop head. Super absorbent microfiber.

How do you open the mop head?

How to Change a Mop Head

  1. Wring out the mop, and stand it up on its handle so you can easily reach the head.
  2. Remove the new mop head from its packaging, and find the center panel.
  3. Replace the wing nut or adjust the knob on the quick-change version, and hand-tighten the clamp until it is snug against the mop head.

Can you wash Twist mop?

Tangle-free microfiber strands trap and absorb dirt, dust, hair and moisture from floors for a superior clean. Plus, no need to toss away when finished—our microfiber mop heads are reusable and machine washable for up to three months of use.

How do you clean microfiber mop heads?

Wash dust and wet microfiber mop heads with a gentle detergent in hot water. They should never be washed with bleach or fabric softener. Microfiber mop heads should also be rinsed before going into the dryer. End users should treat microfiber similar to their delicate clothes at home and dry on low heat.

How do you unlock Mr Clean Twist mop?

Hold blue rubber grip and white wringer. 2. Twist white wringer clockwise and push down to release lock. Lower mop head to the floor in mopping position.

Can you put mop heads in the washing machine?

Wash the mop head in a washing machine. Dust mop heads should only be laundered after they have become soiled or very dirty. Wash them on a gentle cycle using hot water and a mild detergent. Then, squeeze out any excess water and hang them up on a line or rack to dry completely before reusing them.

How do you release Mr Clean mop?

This mop is equipped with a ratcheting handle to twist the water out of the mop head with intervals of locking. This allows the mop head to tighten without you having to worry about loosing your grip. And when your done an easy-release button allows you to untwist the mop head so you can get back to the task at hand.

How do I remove the spin mop head from my washing machine?

How should I wash my microfiber mop head refill? To clean your microfiber refill, machine or hand wash in warm water. Do not use bleach of fabric softener. Lay flat or hang to dry.