How do I remove ClamXAV from my Mac?

How do I remove ClamXAV from my Mac?

Steps to uninstall ClamXAV from Mac:

  1. Quit ClamXAV.
  2. Go to the Applications folder and remove ClamXAV into the Trash.
  3. You will see the Uninstall ClamXAV notification with a question of whether to remove the scanning engine as well.
  4. If prompted, enter your password to confirm the removal.

What is ClamXAV app on Mac?

ClamXAV is a highly trusted anti-virus and malware scanner for macOS. It detects threats and keeps the Mac in your home clean, safe and virus-free. It also ensures you don’t pass on security threats and nasty viruses to anyone else.

How good is Clamav for Mac?

Our Verdict ClamXav is a popular choice for many longtime Mac fans, and overall the app seems good. It’s simple to use, offers basic protection for your Mac and stays out of your way.

How do I run Clamav on my Mac?


  1. To install clamav, run the following command in macOS terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal) sudo port install clamav Copy.
  2. To see what files were installed by clamav, run: port contents clamav Copy.
  3. To later upgrade clamav, run: sudo port selfupdate && sudo port upgrade clamav Copy.

How do I uninstall Clamav?

To remove ClamAV and its dependent packages, type the ‘sudo apt-get autoremove clamav’ command in the Terminal window and hit the Enter key. If you wish to remove the packages and the configuration files related to them, enter the ‘sudo apt-get purge clamav’ command and hit the Enter key.

Is ClamXAV a malware?

ClamXAV is an anti-virus and malware scanner for macOS. ClamXAV is an anti-virus and malware scanner for macOS.

Where is ClamXAV located?

Edinburgh, Scotland
ClamXAV is written and sold by Canimaan Software Ltd, an independent company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

How do I run ClamAV?

How to Install and Use ClamAV

  1. Stop the ClamAV process: Copy. sudo systemctl stop clamav-freshclam.
  2. Manually update the ClamAV signature database: Copy. sudo freshclam.
  3. Restart the service to update the database in the background: Copy. sudo systemctl start clamav-freshclam.

How do I reinstall ClamAV?

How do I remove ClamAV from Windows?

When you find the program ClamAV for Windows, click it, and then do one of the following:

  1. Windows Vista/7/8/10: Click Uninstall.
  2. Windows XP: Click the Remove or Change/Remove tab (to the right of the program).

What is ClamXAV?

ClamXAV is an anti-virus and malware scanner for macOS. Clamxav.