How do I put money on books in Miami County Jail?

How do I put money on books in Miami County Jail?

Money will be accepted via commissary kiosk in the lobby, online at by smart phone via Access Corrections app or by phone 24/7 at 866-345-1884.

How do I deposit money to an inmate in Florida?

Send Money Now — 4 Ways to Pay

  1. Online at Send money online with your credit or debit card at
  2. JPay Mobile App. Download the JPay mobile app from the Apple App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android phones) and send money wherever you happen to be!
  3. Toll-Free Phone.
  4. Money Orders.

How do I send money to an inmate in Manatee County Jail?

By Phone: Call 1-866-394-0490 Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. By Cash Kiosk: go to the Visitation Center located at 2705 County Line Road, Palmetto FL 34221 between 7:45 AM and 7:30 PM. The kiosk accepts credit cards and cash in increments of $5 and above (no $1 bills).

How do I put money on an inmate’s phone in Montgomery County Jail?

You may bring cash or a Visa or MasterCard to the jail and utilize the lobby kiosk. You can also use a Visa or MasterCard to add funds to an account by calling (866)345-1884 or visiting

How does an inmate use Paytel?

Prepaid Debit Cards – Pay Tel offers a convenient prepaid debit calling card option which allows inmates to purchase cards as a commissary item and use the cards to place calls through the CenturionITS™ phone to any number allowed by the facility.

What is a GTL account?

GTL allows inmate friends and family members to manage their account using a variety of tools including operator-assisted calls, automated telephone (IVR) tools, and online using

Does the prisoner know who sent them money?

A prisoner will see the name of who sent the money on their account slip, but not all prisons give these out. They could also ask a wing officer for the sender’s name, but the prisoner has no access to a sender’s personal or banking details.