How do I protect my Kindle Paperwhite?

How do I protect my Kindle Paperwhite?

If you want a straightforward way of protecting your new Kindle Paperwhite, the official fabric cover is ideal. It’s designed to be safe around water, while remaining thin and lightweight. Its cover folds back so you can read with one hand, plus you can still charge it without needing to remove it.

Does Paperwhite need a cover?

If you want to protect the Kindle against water The good news is that both Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis are waterproof. It means that you can put each one into water for half an hour, and absolutely nothing will happen. There is no need to buy a waterproof sleeve or case.

Whats the best cover for a Kindle?

After testing seven of the most popular Kindle cases, we’re confident that Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite Water-Safe Fabric Cover is the best case for owners of the 10th-generation Kindle Paperwhite, and the variant for the 2021, 11th-generation model is just as good.

Are CoBak cases good?

Best Overall: CoBak Kindle Paperwhite Smart Case It’s stylish, practical, and affordable. It fits both the new Paperwhite and 11th-gen Paperwhite Signature Edition, which could be useful if you’re rocking an older version and looking to upgrade soon.

Should I use screen protector Kindle?

No. Kindle Paperwhite comes with a rough screen surface which definitely protects from mild scratches. Also, the frame is bulged out would protect your screen. However, I would recommend a cover/case if you are very interested in protecting it.

Do you really need a cover for a Kindle?

Kindles Don’t Need a Cover Like most devices, your Kindle will come without a cover or case. However, you can easily buy one when you purchase it, either at the Kindle store or through another retailer. In most cases, Kindles don’t actually need covers.

Do you use screen protector on Kindle?

Originally Answered: Do you need a screen protector for a Kindle paperwhite? The short answer is “No”. If you tend to read while eating Jello with your bare hands, or if you have fingernails as hard as diamonds and like to wear them long, or if you carry yours around in a sack of rocks, well, OK, maybe.

Are all Kindle Paperwhite covers the same size?

The new Paperwhite has a screen size of 6.8-inches (172mm), which gives you about another 3/4-inch of real estate. The 2018 model has a 6-inch (152mm) display.

Is Kindle Paperwhite screen scratch-resistant?

Even better, it’s waterproof too! Amazon has unveiled a new version of its Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, which it claims is scratch-proof and shatter-proof.

Is Kindle Paperwhite screen scratch resistant?

Should I put cover for Kindle?

But you need to find a way to protect it. A sleeve is definitely the way to go when you’re just using your Kindle around your home. You can slip it off easily when you want to read, and you can put it back on again when you need to leave or you just want to store your Kindle safely.

How do I tell which Kindle Paperwhite I have?

Going into your device’s Settings menu. Find the Device Info option and tap it. The model number should appear along with things like the MAC Address and other info.