How do I migrate from Outlook 2010 to Thunderbird?

How do I migrate from Outlook 2010 to Thunderbird?

Steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Click on to Default Programs.
  3. Select Set your default program.
  4. Choose Outlook option.
  5. Click on Set this Program as default option.
  6. Now, launch Thunderbird program.
  7. Click on Tools tab.
  8. Select Import.

Can I import Outlook PST files into Thunderbird?

pst file using File -> Open & Export -> Open Outlook Data file. Import the . pst file and and then import the messages into Thunderbird using Tools -> Import -> Mail.

Is Outlook compatible with Thunderbird?

Thunderbird can be used as a client for all of Microsoft’s email services (Hotmail, and Windows Live Mail, henceforth referred to as “Hotmail”). Thunderbird will download messages from the Hotmail server and store them on your local system.

How do I setup Outlook Exchange with Thunderbird?

Open Thunderbird. Go to Tools | Addons. Click the Tools drop-down and select Install From File. Navigate to where you saved the file and select it….Installing the plugin

  1. Open Thunderbird.
  2. Go to Tools | Addons.
  3. In the search field, type Exchange.
  4. Click the ExQuilla addon.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Click Restart within Thunderbird.

How do I import folders from Outlook to Thunderbird?

How to Import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird? – Two Methods

  1. To begin with.
  2. Select Outlook from the appeared list and click to Set this program as default option.
  3. Now, launch Mozilla Thunderbird on the same machine and navigate to Tools>> Import to move emails from Outlook to Thunderbird.

How do I import a PST file into Thunderbird?

Does Thunderbird support Microsoft Exchange?

Thunderbird lacks Exchange support so it needs to be configured for IMAP. With IMAP you can only access your email, not your calendars, contacts, or tasks.

Does Thunderbird work with Outlook?

How do I export emails from Outlook?

How to Export All Emails From Outlook

  1. Access your Outlook account.
  2. Select File> Options >Advanced.
  3. From Export, select “Export.”
  4. Select “Export to a file” and click on “Next.”
  5. Select “Outlook Data File (.
  6. Select the top-level folder that you wish to export.
  7. Select “Next.”

How do I convert a PST file to Thunderbird?

Import PST to Thunderbird in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Install Outlook PST Converter Tool and run.
  2. Select PST File for Importing.
  3. Extract PST File Email Items.
  4. Choose Thunderbird email clients from Save As options.
  5. Click on the Convert button to Import PST files to Thunderbird.

How do I convert PST to mbox in Thunderbird?

Convert Outlook to Thunderbird

  1. Find your local . pst and . ost files.
  2. Open your . pst and . ost files.
  3. Convert your emails to mbox or eml format. Select mailbox root folder in All folders pane, and click File > Export. Choose MBOX file format and click Ok.
  4. Find your Thunderbird “Local Folders” Directory. Launch Thunderbird.