How do I fix Out of memory or system resources error in Outlook?

How do I fix Out of memory or system resources error in Outlook?

Solutions to Fix Out of Memory or System Resources Error in Outlook

  1. Close Other Programs.
  2. Update Outlook.
  3. Remove Additional Profile or PST Files.
  4. Reduce Memory Cache Size for Each PST File.
  5. Create a New Profile.
  6. Repair the PST File.

Why does Microsoft Outlook say Out of memory or system resources?

More often than not, the Outlook error “Out of memory or system resources” usually occurs when you connect too many PST files in considerable size to Outlook.

How do I allocate more RAM to Microsoft Outlook?

To increase the size of the memory heap, follow these steps:

  1. Exit Outlook.
  2. Select Start, select Run, type regedit, and then select OK.
  3. Locate and then select the following registry subkey:
  4. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then select DWORD Value.
  5. Type SharedMemMaxSize, and then press Enter.

How do I clear my Outlook memory?

Clear Partial Memory in Outlook

  1. Step 1- Open Outlook.
  2. Step 2- Click on the File option on the top left corner.
  3. Step 3- Now click on the Tools option besides the Mailbox Settings.
  4. Step 4- Now, from the drop-down box, select Mailbox Cleanup.
  5. Step 5- A new window for Mailbox Cleanup opens.

How do I repair Outlook 2007 PST file in Windows 7?

Repair an Outlook data file (. pst) file

  1. Exit Outlook and browse to one of the following file locations:
  2. Open SCANPST.
  3. Select Browse to select the Outlook Data File (.
  4. Choose Start to begin the scan.
  5. If the scan finds errors, choose Repair to start the process to fix them.

Why is Outlook taking up so much disk space?

As you send and receive more emails and attachments, add more appointments to your calendar, and create more tasks and notes, your Outlook data files can easily grow to several gigabytes in size.

Why is my Outlook taking up so much space?

Why is my Outlook taking up so much memory?

One thing you want to understand about Outlook is that it’s completely run from a database. All your emails, tasks, calendar items, business contacts, etc. are stored in a database file. To reduce memory usage and make Outlook fast, that database needs to be small and optimized.

Why is my Outlook taking up so much storage?

How do I reduce the size of my Outlook mailbox without deleting it?

5 Ways to Reduce Your Outlook Mailbox Size

  1. Mailbox Cleanup. The best place to start is to open the Mailbox Cleanup tool.
  2. Move Messages to Your Personal Folders.
  3. Archive Older Messages.
  4. Empty Deleted Items.
  5. Save and Remove Attachments.

How to fix outlook out of memory or system resources error?

Then you need to close some unnecessary PST files to avoid outlook out of memory or system resources error. Run the MS Outlook email client on your computer and choose the Mail option from the navigation bar. Now you will see all imported PST files in Microsoft Outlook.

What does out of memory mean in outlook?

Outlook Error – Out of Memory or System Resources. The Microsoft Outlook out of memory or system resources error can occur in any version of Microsoft Outlook when you try to open the Outlook application. The above Outlook error most possibly occurs if there are too many PST files connected to your Outlook profile and the files are fairly large.

Why does outlook take up so much memory?

In case you do not know, Microsoft Outlook has a limited amount of space for each of the email accounts you have configured with it. This means whenever you open an Outlook data file, Microsoft Outlook uses a certain part of memory as a cache in order to improve its performance.

How to resolve MS Outlook issues?

SysTools comes with advanced software to resolve MS Outlook issues. SysTools Outlook PST Repair Tool can fix almost all PST data file problems and errors to a maximum extent.