How do I fix code P0871?

How do I fix code P0871?

What repairs can fix the P0871 code?

  1. Transmission high pressure pump repair or replacement.
  2. Transmission temperature sensor replacement.
  3. Replace or repair damaged or corroded wiring.
  4. Powertrain control module repair or replacement.
  5. Transmission fluid replacement.
  6. Rebuild transmission.

What is a transmission fluid pressure sensor?

The transmission oil pressure sensor’s primary function is to relay information to the ECM that regulates control of the transmission. However, if the switch is damaged or not sending information correctly to the ECM, the transmission may default into “limp” mode.

What is code P0846?

What the P0846 code means. The P0846 trouble code indicates that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has detected an anomalous fluid reading from the transmission system. The transmission system uses hydraulic fluid to regulate features like torque converter lockup and gearshift actuation.

What is OD pressure switch rationality?

One of the most common codes that appear in many Chrysler transmissions is the pressure switch rationality code. This code means that either the switch is not responding, or the switch is activated when it’s not supposed to be on.

What is the difference between a 68RFE and a 66RFE?

The 66RFE resembles the 545RFE from the outside, but shares its extension housing and output shaft with the 68RFE. The 66RFE has its torque converter recessed inside the case, while it sticks out of the 68RFE.

Who builds the 66RFE transmission?

Chrysler RFE transmission
Manufacturer Chrysler Corporation
Also called 45RFE/545RFE 68RFE 65RFE/66RFE
Production 1999-present

Where are the shift solenoids located?

valve body assembly
The shift solenoid is located in the valve body assembly which is within the transmission. Typically, these solenoids can be replaced without removing the transmission but the job requires care and attention to detail.