How do I find my Virgin booking reference?

How do I find my Virgin booking reference?

It can be found on your tickets and booking confirmation. You can use this number to check in online and log into My booking. If you’ve purchased any holiday from Virgin Holidays, the reference can be found under ‘Airline Booking Reference’. This can be found at the top of your holiday invoice.

How do I change my flight date?

If you need to change your flight dates, destinations, or times, your ticket must be reissued. In some cases, airlines will charge a fee for exchanging a ticket.

Does Virgin have an email address?

Virgin Media does not have a contact email, so employ a different method contact them. You can call, live message, use the community forums, or use a relay service to get the help you need.

Is Virgin free to call?

The call may cost the same as calls to standard business or home landlines or you could even get free calls as part of your call package.

Where is the booking reference number on E ticket?

PNR code can be found as “booking” detail below the midsection of your digital travel document or right bottom of your mobile boarding pass.

What is flight booking reference number?

A booking reference is a unique code specific to an individual reservation. It is also known as a Record/Booking Locator (or RecLoc), PNR Code, confirmation number or reference number. It can be found on your tickets, booking confirmation or travel documentation.

What does a virgin email address look like?

The most common email pattern is {first}. {last}, e.g. [email protected], which is used for 73.1% of all work email addresses at

How do I send a message to Virgin Media?

Enter your My Virgin Media sign in details at and go to Compose. Type your message.

How full Will my flight be?

Option #2: A few days before your flight, log in to the airline’s website, provide the record locator for your ticket and try to change your seat. This will take you to a page showing all the available seats on your airline. You can count how many seats are still open to get an idea of how crowded your flight is.

How do you know if your flight is Cancelled?

You can check the status of your flight by going to your airline website and entering the details of your flights, and you will know in a second if your flight is on-time, delayed or cancelled.