How do I find a documented vessel?

How do I find a documented vessel?

If you want to search the list of documented vessels to find information about a vessel you wish to buy, come to us at the Maritime Documentation Center. We have a link on our home page for vessel search so that you can click, enter the ship name or documentation number, and you instantly get results.

How do I document a vessel USCG?

How do I document a vessel with the USCG? Boat owners can document their vessel or renew their Certificate of Documentation directly through the Coast Guard’s National Vessel Documentation Center. Owners will generally need to submit: An application for documentation (form CG-1258)

How do I renew vessel documentation online?

To easily renew your vessel documentation, simply go to the U.S. Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center website and click on “instructions and forms.” Renewal is simple and cost $26 per year.

What is maritime documentation?

“Maritime Documentation Center (MDC) is an online, third -party document processing service that specializes in Coast Guard Documentation services. MDC makes no attempt to represent ourselves as a governmental entity.

What vessels should be documented?

Any vessel of at least five (5) net tons which engages in the fisheries, Great Lakes trade, or coastwise trade must be documented, except: A vessel which does not operate on the navigable waters of the United States.

Why do you document a vessel?

Customs officials universally recognize a US Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation as proof of ownership and authentication of the boat’s origin. If you travel to foreign waters, your Certificate of Documentation immediately provides you with the protection and the status that comes from the US Government.

Who owns a vessel?

Vessel Owner means the actual or registered owner, master, managing agent, person in navigational control of, or other person responsible for the operation of the vessel. Vessel Owner or “operator” means the owner, operator, master, or person-in-charge of a vessel. Vessel Owner is defined in Section 2 of the Agreement.

Is Coast Guard Documentation same as title?

The title is a formal, colored document used to prove and transfer ownership. The registration typically consists of a registration card and an annual state decal which must affixed to the boat. So while the Coast Guard Documentation is your boat’s title, you may have to also register with a state.

How do I transfer ownership of a documented vessel?

If your vessel is USCG documented, you would only need to submit a copy of the Certificate of Documentation. It has to include the signature of the owners, and the copy must be notarized. Then, state the new name and address of the new owners.

How do I sell a documented vessel?

Notify The Maritime Documentation Center of Your Intent to Sell. Before listing your vessel for sale, you must contact the Maritime Documentation Center (MDC). MDC will send a letter to the buyer through certified mail after receiving the notice with information on how to complete their part of the transfer procedure.

How do I transfer a documented vessel?

What is IMO in vessel?

The IMO ship identification number scheme was introduced in 1987 through adoption of resolution A. 600(15), as a measure aimed at enhancing “maritime safety, and pollution prevention and to facilitate the prevention of maritime fraud”. It aimed at assigning a permanent number to each ship for identification purposes.