How do I download ArcGIS 10?

How do I download ArcGIS 10?

Download ArcGIS Pro from My Esri

  1. Go to My Esri.
  2. Click the My Organizations tab and click the Downloads tab under it.
  3. In the list of available products, next to ArcGIS Pro, confirm that the version number (for example, 2.8) is correct.
  4. Under Download, review the Language setting.

Can you download ArcGIS map?

Maps with offline areas are used offline even if the device has a data connection. In the list of maps, tap the map that you want to download. Tap a map area. The map area begins downloading to the device.

How do I download ArcGIS for desktop?

To install a component, sign into My Esri and click the download link on the site. This link will download a self extracting .exe file for installation. After the download completes, you have the option of starting the setup immediately or running it manually.

How do I get ArcGIS for free?

Beginning September 1, 2020, the Learn ArcGIS Student Program will provide free access for one year to software, lessons, and a community of learners through Learn ArcGIS to qualified students globally.

How do I download ArcGIS online map?


  1. In ArcGIS Online, navigate to the Content page.
  2. Open the item details for the hosted feature service.
  3. Click Export Data, select the data format to export to. The file is saved as an item in My Content.
  4. To download the file, navigate to the item in the content page and follow the download instructions above.

How to make a map using ArcGIS?

Requirements. You can create custom navigation maps with your organization’s assets,locators,and roads in ArcGIS Pro 1.2 or later.

  • Create a project.
  • Create a basemap.
  • Add an asset layer.
  • Enable searching for assets.
  • Test asset searching.
  • Create your own travel mode.
  • Test your travel mode.
  • Package and share the data.
  • Test the map in Navigator.
  • How to download ArcMap?

    See the following for details on how to download ArcMap. 1. Click on the following link and select the version of ArcMap you want to download: 1. Browse to where you saved the file on your computer: 2. Double click the exe file (ArcGIS_Desktop_105_154030.exe) to run the installer file: 4. Follow the installation steps to complete the installation:

    How to create A Storymap in ArcGIS?

    Go to the Esri Story Maps website.

  • At the top of the page,click Apps.
  • Scroll down to the section titled A Series of Maps and Other Content and locate the Story Map Series template options.
  • Click Build.
  • click Tabbed.
  • click START.
  • How to install ArcMap?

    Install the ArcGIS License Manager (if a 2020.0 or later license manager does not already exist for your use).

  • Install ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Complete the ArcGIS Administrator wizard to specify your product type,assign a license manager (if using a Concurrent Use product),or authorize your software (if using a Single Use product).