How do I complain to Vadodara Municipal Corporation?

How do I complain to Vadodara Municipal Corporation?

Complaints. Register your complaint through online or call us at 1800-233-0265 (toll free) Register here…

Who is the head of Municipal Corporation of Vadodara?

Mayor Shri Keyur Narayandas Rokadia
Elected Wing :

1 Mayor Shri Keyur Narayandas Rokadia
2 Deputy Mayor Smt. Nandaben Shrikantbhai Joshi
3 Chairman, Standing Committee Dr. Hitendrabhai Prabhudas Patel
4 Leader, Ruling Party Shri Alpeshbhai Madhusudanbhai Limbachiya

Who is Vadodara municipal commissioner?

Shalini Agarwal takes charge as Vadodara Municipal Corporation commissioner | Vadodara News – Times of India.

How can I know my ward number in Vadodara?

Q. How can I find the polling booth and Ward?

  1. Visit
  2. Select the following field. a. Search Type: Corporation. b. Corporation Name: Vadodara Mahanagar Palika. c. Search By: Name or EPIC No(Electors Photo Identity Card) d. Enter details.
  3. Click Search.

How can I check my Vadodara property card online?

The official site to check land records online in Gujarat is Visit this website and click on View Land Records. Submit the details about district, taluka, village and survey number. Enter the verification code (captcha) and click on the get detail button.

How many municipal corporations are there in Gujarat?

8 Municipal Corporations
Administratively, Gujarat has classified ULB in A, B, C and D classes Currently, there are 170 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Gujarat; of which, 8 are Municipal Corporations and 162 are municipalities. All 8 Municipal Corporations of the state include urban population of 150 lakhs.

How many mayors are there in Gujarat?

List of Mayors of Ahmedabad

Mayor Name Political Party
30 Kanaji Thakor Bharatiya Janata Party
29 Amit Shah Bharatiya Janata Party
28 Aneesa Begum Mirza Indian National Congress
27 Himmatsingh Prahladsingh Patel Indian National Congress

How many wards are there in Vadodara?

The Constitution of Corporation/General Board At present, there are 19 administrative wards and 19 election wards of this Vadodara Municipal Corporation, each election ward consists 4 seats of councilor out of them 50 % of seats are reserved for female. Each councilor is elected for a term of five years.

Which zone is Vadodara?

Zone 4
The railway line and National Highway 8, which connect Delhi with Mumbai, pass through Vadodara….Vadodara.

Vadodara Badoda Baroda
Country India
State Gujarat
District Vadodara
Zone 4

How can I check property ownership online in Gujarat?

The official site to check land records online in Gujarat is

  1. Visit this website and click on View Land Records.
  2. You will be redirected to the page to know the 7/12 (Satbara) records.
  3. Submit the details about district, taluka, village and survey number.

How can I get Vadodara property card?

Apply In-Person:

  1. To apply for Property Certificate in person, the applicant has to visit the nearest office of the Directorate of Town & Country Planning.
  2. Visit the office and get an application form for Property Certificate.
  3. Complete the application form with appropriate information under relevant sections.

Which is bigger Surat or Vadodara?

With a population of 6.35 million people and a land area of 471 km2, Ahmadabad is Gujarat’s largest city. Gandhinagar is the capital, 23 kilometers north of Ahmadabad. Surat, Vadodara, and Rajkot are the major cities in Gujarat….List of Largest Cities in Gujarat.

Rank 7
City Name Nadiad
Population 325,132
Area (km²) 29.54
Density ( inhabitants/km²) 7619

Who is Gujarat commissioner?

Leaders. On 31 July 2020 Ahmedabad Police Commissioner Ashish Bhatiya was elevated to the post of Director General of Police (DGP). Ajay Tomar, special CP of crime branch, is the CP of Surat. Surat CP R B Brahmbhatt is the chief of Vadodara.

How many zones are in Vadodara?

Vinod Rao held a press conference in which he announced that Vadodara city is now divided into 4 zones: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green as a part of strategic planning. Tandalja and Nagarwada area are already declared as a red zone and are completely sealed.

Where is the Vadodara Municipal Corporation office?

Address : Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Khanderao Market Building, Vadodara-390209 Toll Free No : 1800-233-0265 Whatsapp / SMS : 99131-66666

What are the key facts of Vadodara?

The City of Vadodara aptly described by a medieval Jain writer as a “Tilak on the Brove of Lata.” is a nodal center of the costal plain of Gujarat. Read more… Altitude : 35.5 meters above sea level Read more… Details of Corporation goes here…

What is the number of VMC GST registration number in Vadodara?

VMC GST REGISTRATION NUMBER : 24AAALV0111B1ZU. Take a part in Swachhta Sarvekshan and make your city Vadodara better,cleaner and green. For Private Practitioner / Physician / Hospital, Email us on [email protected] for Notifiable disease (Dengue / malaria / Swineflu / etc) case detail.