How do I complain about traffic violation in Saudi Arabia?

How do I complain about traffic violation in Saudi Arabia?

If you are wrongly charged with a traffic violation in Saudi Arabia, you can challenge, create a dispute or claim against it through Absher….How to dispute a traffic violation?

  1. Click on the “Services” under My Services.
  2. Select “Traffic” among the given options.
  3. Click on the “Dispute Traffic Violation” button in Absher.

How can I check my car fine in Saudi Arabia?

Method 1: Open your phone and dial “01-2928888” number. Customer care employee will ask your identification details and vehicle plate number and they will tell you all details regarding the traffic violation.

How can I check Mukhalfa?

How to check traffic violation (Mukhalfa) Location?

  1. Step:1 To visit the MOI official website, click on the link ““
  2. Step:2 Enter your username and password to log in to your account.
  3. Step:3.
  4. Step:4 Enter your Iqama number and get the full details of the traffic violations like date, time, and location.

What is the fine for speeding in Saudi Arabia?

SR 300 to 500 fine for over-speeding by 20km/hr to 30/kph over and above the speed limit. SR 800 to 1,000 fine + 6 black points for over-speeding by 30km/hr to 40/kph over and above the speed limit. SR 1,200 to 1,500 fine + 6 black points for exceeding speed limit by 40km/hr to 50/kph.

Where can I dispute traffic fines?

If you wish to challenge the fine before summons is issued, you need to send a letter or fax to the issuing traffic department that includes the fine and the reasons why you feel you shouldn’t pay the fine. The prosecutor will then decide if he/she wants to prosecute the matter further.

How can I check my traffic ticket online?

It is an online database that can be viewed at The site permits drivers to enter their plate number and check whether they have committed traffic violations, as labeled by the various CCTV cameras that the MMDA has in operation around major roads in Metro Manila.

How long do I have to pay a traffic ticket in Saudi Arabia?

If you are required to pay a fine, you will have to pay it in 15 days. The new amendment also allows you to request for a grace period for up to 90 days to pay the fine.

Can I renew my drivers licence if I have outstanding fines?

You will not be able to renew your vehicle- or driver’s licence unless you pay the outstanding amount or apply for revocation (cancellation) of the enforcement order.

How can I check my traffic violation online in Saudi Arabia?


  1. Access the portal of the Ministry of Interior (Absher).
  2. Enter your national identification number or resident permit (Iqama) number and the CAPTCHA code.
  3. )
  4. Select (Inquire About Traffic Violations).
  5. Enter your the ID number and CAPTCHA code.

What is traffic apprehension?

(Updated May 29, 2019) 1. What is the No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy? The No Contact Traffic Apprehension is a policy that utilizes CCTV, digital cameras and/or other gadgets or technology to capture videos and images to apprehend vehicles violating traffic laws, rules and regulations.