How do I check MyAviva policy details?

How do I check MyAviva policy details?

You can find your policy number on your policy documents, statement, email or letter we’ve sent you or it may be your reference number on your bank statement. For life insurance, pension, annuities, investment bonds and income drawdown the policy number should contain letters, numbers and /.

What is MyAviva?

MyAviva lets you quickly and easily manage your policies and shareholding. MyAviva is the simple way to view and manage your Aviva insurance, savings and investment policies in one place, at home or on the go. It’s safe, secure and easy to use on all devices.

Is there an Aviva app?

With the MyAviva app, you’re in charge of your policies. Download the app to manage your insurance cover and see the value of your pension and investments in one place.

How do I check MyAviva policy in Singapore?

  1. Access former MyAviva/ MINDEF/ MHA/ POGIS customer portals. For Aviva customers, you can manage your profile and policies using the portals here.
  2. Access Singlife portals and app.
  3. Access corporate portals.
  4. Access financial adviser portals.

How can I find my life insurance policy?

Locate a Life Insurance Policy

  1. Look through the decedent’s records, including safety deposit box.
  2. Contact previous employer as the individual may be a certificate holder of an employer-provided group life policy.
  3. Check bank accounts and canceled checks to see if payment was being made to a life insurance company.

How do I set up MyAviva?

Set up your account

  1. E-mail.
  2. Confirm email.
  3. Choose a password. Your password will be case sensitive and must contain. Minimum 8 characters. At least 1 number. Uppercase and lowercase letters.
  4. First name.
  5. Last name.

Can I withdraw my Aviva pension before 55?

You can’t normally access your pension fund before you are 55. You can’t make any withdrawals before this time. If ill health prevents you from working, you may be able to start taking a retirement income from your Pension earlier than the normal minimum age of 55.

Where do I find my Aviva activation code?

The activation code will look something like ‘SHR-XXX-XXXX’, and you’ll find it in your Aviva annual general meeting or share dividend information. If you have an on-screen error, call us on 0800 404 7198, and we’ll be happy to help.

Is Aviva DigiCare free?

Aviva DigiCare+ is available, at no additional cost, to new customers taking out an Aviva personal protection policy through an adviser (excluding Simple Life Insurance).

What happens to my Aviva pension when I leave my job?

When you leave your employer, you do not lose the benefits you have built up in a pension and the pension fund belongs to you.

What is DigiCare Aviva?

What’s Aviva DigiCare+? It’s a mobile app that offers guidance and care to help detect, manage and prevent common health and wellbeing problems. You can get access to the app at no extra cost when you take out our Life Insurance Plan, Critical Illness Plan or Over 50s Life Insurance Plan.