How do I change my IP address on SLC 5 05?

How do I change my IP address on SLC 5 05?

Setting a SLC-5/05’s IP Address Offline:

  1. Open your project in RSLogix 500:
  2. Now in the Project Tree double click on “Channel Configuration” to open it:
  3. Select the Channel 1 tab, then if either BOOTP or DHCP is selected, un-select it:
  4. Now enter in your in your IP Address and Subnet Mask at a minimum.

How do I connect my SLC 5 04 CPU?

SLC 5/04 Connect a 1747-CP3 cable from channel 0 of the processor to the personal computer serial port or connect the 1747-UIC interface from channel 0 of the processor to your personal computer USB port, or use a 1784-PKTX(D) or 1784-PCMK interface.

How do I connect my SLC 5 05?

Setting up a SLC 5/05 PLC

  1. Connect the PLC to the network.
  2. Assign an IP address to the PLC.
  3. Start RSLinx and open the driver configuration dialog by selecting Communications > Configure Drivers from the menu.
  4. Add an Ethernet devices driver.
  5. Click on Add New and enter the PLC IP address in the Host Name field.

How do I find the IP address of my RSLogix 500?

Click the Start Menu and type “cmd.exe” and click on the “cmd.exe” program. 11. Type “ipconfig” and press enter. You should now see an IPv4 Address of 192.168.

How do I connect my SLC 5 02?

The two most common ways to connect are DH-485 and DF1. The SLC 5/01, 5/02, and 5/03 use DH-485 via their RS485 8-pin RJ45 jack (which is the same physical connector as Ethernet, but it won’t work if you plug it directly into your computer!).

How do you fix a PLC?

First, check that the PLC is receiving enough power from the transformer to supply all the loads. If the PLC is still not working, check for voltage supply drop in the control circuit or for blown fuses. If the PLC does not come up even with proper power, then the problem lies in the CPU, and this is very bad.

What software does SLC 500 use?

The SLC 500 system uses RSLogix 500 ladder logic programming. This software package offers an industry leading user interface and is compatible with Rockwell Software’s DOS-based programming packages and MicroLogix processors.