How do I add analytics to my WordPress site?

How do I add analytics to my WordPress site?

Head to My Sites → Tools → Marketing → Traffic and scroll down until you find the Google Analytics section.

Can you use Google Analytics on a WordPress website?

With WordPress, installing Google Analytics on your website is quick and easy. In just minutes, you can start collecting the information that you need to enhance user experience and increase conversions on your WordPress website.

How do I see pageviews in WordPress?

Go to Insights » Reports from your admin panel and click on the Real-Time option at the top. Now you can see the number of active users on your site at any given moment, their geographic locations, the pages they’re viewing, and more.

How do I use MonsterInsights in WordPress?

To get started, click on Insights » Settings in your WordPress dashboard menu. Now you can click the Connect MonsterInsights button to start the process. On the next screen that appears, select your profile. Next, click the Allow button to give MonsterInsights access to your Google Analytics data.

How do I set up analytics?

Get started with Analytics

  1. Create an Analytics account. Go to To create an account, click Get started today. If you already have a Google Analytics account, click Sign in to Analytics.
  2. Set up Analytics on your website and/or app.

How do I see website analytics?

To start, go to Insights » Reports » Overview. Here you can see the overall performance of your website. If you scroll down, you can see the Device Breakdown report that shows which device your visitors use to view your website. In the Overview report, you can also view the Top 10 Countries that your users are from.

How do I add Google Analytics to WordPress without plugins?

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Without a Plugin?

  1. Importance Of Google Analytics For Your WordPress Website:
  2. Step #1: Create a Google Account.
  3. Step #2: Log In To Google Analytics.
  4. Step #3: Get Your Google Analytics Tracking ID & Copy Tracking Code.
  5. Step #4: Log In To WordPress And Add The Code.

Where do I put Google Analytics code in WordPress without Plugin?

Adding Google Analytics Code Without a Plugin

  1. Step 1: Create a Child Theme. First, you’ll need to create a child theme.
  2. Step 2: Copy the Header.php File in the Parent Theme.
  3. Step 3: Get the Google Analytics Code.
  4. Step 4: Paste the Code into the Header.php file.
  5. Step 5: Compress and Upload the File.
  6. Step 6: Check If It Works.

Is MonsterInsights plugin free?

MonsterInsights Lite is a free version of MonsterInsights, the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Analytics plugin. Get it for free! Using the plugin, you can easily set up Google Analytics on your WordPress site without having to edit any code.

How do I get analytics for my website?

How do I get free website analytics?

The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools

  1. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the go-to platform for many marketers, in large part because it’s totally free, chock-full of features, and comes with the clout of the Google brand name.
  2. Bitly.
  3. Piwik.
  4. Open Web Analytics.
  5. Clicky.
  6. SimilarWeb.
  7. SEMrush.
  8. Moz Keyword Explorer.

How do I activate Google Analytics for my website?

Add Analytics tracking

  1. On a computer, open a classic Google Sites.
  2. Click Settings. Manage site.
  3. Under “Statistics,” click the Down arrow. Use Universal Analytics.
  4. In the text box, under “Analytics Web Property ID,” enter a valid Analytics Property ID.
  5. At the top, click Save.

What is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress?

The 5 Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

  • MonsterInsights.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP.
  • Actionable Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce.
  • Analytify.
  • WP Google Analytics Events.

How do I manually add Google Analytics to WordPress?

To install it head to the Plugins section of your WordPress backend, then click Add New. Search for GA Google Analytics and activate it. Next, you’re going to need to find your Google Analytics UA code. Head to Google Analytics, open the panel for the site you’re trying to add, then click Admin.

How do I link Google Analytics to my website?