How did Mila Kunis get heterochromia?

How did Mila Kunis get heterochromia?

Mila Kunis had an eye condition she kept hidden for years Mila Kunis Has Heterochromia — Two different colored eyes. While Kunis was rising in fame, she was hiding an eye condition that had serious consequences. As Nicki Swift reports, Kunis suffered from chronic iritis, an inflammation of the iris.

Does Jane Seymour have 2 different colored eyes?

Jane Seymour Her heterochromia iridium is hereditary and has meant she has 2 different coloured eyes. Her one green eye and one brown eye is a feature of her look that has been much-admired over the years.

Does Angelina Jolie have heterochromia?

Her heterochromia is visible even in her black-and-white portraits from that era. Jolie’s stunning eye color is highlighted because the inner and outer rings of her irises are different colors, which is called central heterochromia.

What is Jennifer Aniston’s natural eye color?

Although she also wears glasses, Jennifer Aniston usually opts for blue contact lenses. Her artificial azure eyes contrast nicely with her blonde-brown hair. This gives her a striking appearance. While there is some debate on her true eye colour, most fans believe her eyes are actually brown.

What is Megan Fox’s real eye color?

deep blue eyes
Megan Fox. When it comes to oozing raw sensuality, few can hold a candle to Megan Fox. Though she’s known for her appealing lips and figure, a major part of her sensuality actually comes from her deep blue eyes. She epitomizes the word femme fatale.

What Colour were Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes?

Makeup can also “bring out” certain colors in the eyes. Taylor was often photographed wearing blue or purple eyeshadow to compliment her eyes’ naturally violet hue, or dark brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner to contrast against and play up their unique color.

Does Brad Pitt have blue eyes?

Brad Pitt’s Piercing Blue Eyes Are Front and Center on ‘GQ Style’s Summer Issue – See the 3 Covers!