How can I register to SMS?

How can I register to SMS? Sign Up / Register / Create Account

  1. Go to the official registration page of
  2. Now fill the registration form available on the screen.
  3. After filling up the form properly with all entries (name, date of birth, email ID, city, mobile number, captcha) and click on Verify & Register.

How can I send unlimited SMS?

JustSMS. Another app which has a simple user interface and allows users to send unlimited text/SMS to any mobile phone number in India for free is JustSMS. Users just need to register for a new account and then start adding contacts easily.

Can I send bulk SMS free?

Atomic SMS Sender is a free bulk SMS sender app that allows the user to send bulk SMS from their phones or computers. The app can is capable of sending bulk SMSs to more than 200 countries and supports more than 700 mobile operators.

How can I send free SMS to 1900?

Solution : Simply call up the Nodal / Appellate desk or send a strong e-mail to Nodal / Appellate desk marking a copy to [email protected] & [email protected] Once you send the email, Vodafone would unblock your number and you would be able to send the port out SMS to 1900.

How can I text without balance?

To use this service simply Dial “*141#” from your prepaid mobile after this you can see a pop up window open and there are many options available. Out of them chose “Call Me Back” SMS which is free of cost. You can use this service to send a maximum of 5 SMS per month free of cost.

How can I send 2000 SMS at a time?

Even if you select multiple recipients in your SMS app, most cap you to a maximum of 100 people at a time….Let’s take a look at some of the best apps that let you send SMS to a bigger audience with your Android device.

  1. Multi SMS Sender. 2 Images.
  2. Bulk SMS Plans.
  3. Group Messaging.
  4. Bulk SMS Sender (BSS)
  5. Multi SMS & Group SMS.