How can I check my seat ability?

How can I check my seat ability?

Check Train Seat Availability Online

  1. Enter your Source and destination station.
  2. Choose the date of journey.
  3. Enter “Search Trains” and the list of trains, running dates, and their seat availability will be displayed on the screen.
  4. Choose your train and preferred class from the list to complete your train ticket booking.

What is NC seat in Shatabdi?

NC means, ‘No Choice’. for example, during booking you have made ‘Lower Berth’ as berth preference, and at the time of allotment of seat it is not available, and you are allotted ‘Upper Berth’ then your status of Ticket will show you NC at the end, as your choice seat is not available.

Is train running from Pune to Gorakhpur?

01473 Pune Gkp Spl is the train to run from Pune to Gorakhpur. It reaches Gorakhpur in about 37hr 20min hours. From Pune PUNE, it starts at 20:20:00 and arrives at 09:40:00 in Gorakhpur GKP. Wed are the days on which Pune Gkp Spl operates.

How can I get confirmed lower berth in IRCTC?

If you are booking a train ticket through IRCTC app or website, then at the time of booking, select quota as LOWER BERTH / SR. CITIZEN present at the top right of booking page. Then proceed to fill the details of passengers.

What is NC and WS?

The “WS” tells you the seat is a window seat. NC means, ‘No Choice’.

Can we travel with WL ticket in 2S?

Can i travel with waitlisted ticket in 2S class? yes you can travel in that coach if you have ticket booked from PRS counter, but if you have e-ticket then you can no travel because it will get automatically cancelled.

Can PQWL 1 be confirmed?

PQWL 1 and 2 will be mostly confirmed.

Is PQWL 3 Confirmed?

Noneā€¦ Its Pooled Quota ticket and chances of getting same confirmed is minimal. If your waiting would have been less than PQWL 5 then it might get confirmed with 50% chance.

Can I select berth in train?

You need to mention your journey details in order to search for a train. There will be an option of choosing ‘From’ and ‘To’ destination. You can also select the date on which you want to travel. The next option is to choose your seat or berth.

What is berth type WS and NC?

What is a WS reservation?

1 is seat number. and WS means window seat.