How can I capture the Hearthstone deck tracker for streaming?

How can I capture the Hearthstone deck tracker for streaming?

Instructions for OBS

  1. Start OBS.
  2. Add a new Window Capture source (e.g. called “HDT Overlay”).
  3. Select [Hearthstone Deck Tracker.exe] HDT – Capturable Overlay .
  4. Right click the HDT Overlay source you just added and select Filters .
  5. Add a new Chroma Key filter.

Does Hearthstone deck Tracker help with arena?

Arena Helper is a plugin for Hearthstone Deck Tracker that helps drafting Hearthstone arena decks by showing an overlay with card values from a tier list. The plugin tries to detect the arena heroes and card choices.

Does Hearthstone arena have MMR?

MMR is adjusted after each match, depending on the outcome of the match, and the MMR of each player: MMR is gained with wins and lost with losses.

How do you get HearthArena to work?

How to use it? Simply install HearthArena Companion via the Overwolf appstore, and create an account on (unless you already have one). First open Overwolf + HearthArena, and only then open Hearthstone (doing it at the opposite order, might cause HearthArena to not recognize your active game).

What is high MMR Hearthstone battlegrounds?

The rating system in Battlegrounds is based on your matchmaking rating or MMR for short. It goes up if you placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, all of which count as a win in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. The higher your MMR is, the more skilled your opponents will be. The lower it is, the less skilled they will be.

Is Arena skill based matchmaking?

Arena does NOT match based on skill / MMR – e.g. if you win a lot at Arena, you don’t get stronger opponents when matchmaking. However, “skill level” is also tracked by the devs – this is how they know that, as it turns out, Arena matches are usually decided by skill.

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How do I install Arena tracker Hearthstone?

Installation – Arena-Tracker-Documentation. Download the lastest version from Arena-Tracker. Extract the executable inside the zip file and make double click on it. Arena Tracker uses the data Hearthstone put in its logs to track the state of the game.

Is 6000 MMR good?

I’d say that 5000+ is above average and pretty fine. 6500+ is very good if you consider that it was the top 5% of players (or at least that was what some sources claimed). That is, if you want to have a SR target to aim for. After that, try to climb as much as possible but only if you still have fun.

How does Hearthstone Arena matchmaking work?

And just like other matchmade modes, the matchmaker looks for an opponent with an identical value, then after X time extends the search parameters a small amount and repeats that process until a match is found.

Does Apex have MMR?

Apex Legends Arenas’ matchmaking rating (MMR) is a hidden score which ultimately determines who you are matched against in-game. Meanwhile, your rank is simply the visible skill rating you see on-screen.