How can I arrange my pooja room?

How can I arrange my pooja room?

A. Pooja Room Direction, According to Vastu

  1. The best location for the mandir in the house is the north-east.
  2. Try to ensure that you face the north or the east while offering prayers.
  3. Don’t position the pooja room under a staircase or against the wall of a bathroom — it is considered inauspicious.

What should be the puja room size?

The measurement of an enclosed medium-sized puja room should be at least 5×7 feet so that two or three people can comfortably pray together. Note that this size of a puja room can be accommodated only within homes that have a carpet area of more than 1500 square feet.

How can we decorate temple?

Decorate your home temple with some garlands of fresh flowers and leaves to infuse a divine aura. You could also place potted plants on either side of your temple to complete the look. We have used white marble on this temple’s wall and illuminated it with some backlights.

Can pooja room have single door?

An entrance that has a vastu dosha will stop the flow of positivity. A pooja room without a door is bad according to vastu. This is because, without a door, the pious energies inside a pooja room can weaken. Moreover, having only one door is also not advisable as per vastu shastra.

Which colour is best for temple?

A home temple color should be soothing colors like white, light blue, lavender, yellow, or other light colors.

Which stone is best for pooja room?

Make a simple pooja corner with granite stone and make it the centre of attraction at home. So, if you’re contemplating building a prayer/meditation room, keep these materials in mind; they are your best bet.

Which idols should be in pooja room?

Vastu Rules To Keep Idols In The Pooja Room Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kartikeya, Indra, Surya. 2. The idols of gods that need to placed in the north, facing the south direction are: Ganesh, Durga, Shodas, Matrika, Kuber, Bhairav.

What happens if God photo falls down?

Nothing significant in falling of photo frame. Stick it back to the place nicely this time, if it’s on nail give it a proper strength. If there’s direct wind hitting that point remove the frame from there it can fall again.