Does the Daily Star still exist?

Does the Daily Star still exist?

The Daily Star is a daily tabloid newspaper published from Monday to Saturday in the United Kingdom since 2 November 1978.

Is the Daily Star app free?

The Daily Star apps for Android, iOS & Windows For mobile, for tablet, for free.

How do I contact the Daily Star newspaper?

Contact Us

  1. For general enquiries. Please call the switchboard 0207 293 3000.
  2. Contact the Daily Star newspaper news desk. Call 0208 612 7373.
  3. Send images to the Daily Star newspaper picture desk. Email [email protected] or call 0208 612 7353.
  4. Contact the Daily Star Online team.
  5. Contact the advertising team.

What is the local paper in Sheffield?

The newspaper for North Sheffield.

Can you read Daily Star Online?

Each day our newspaper is put online for you to read from the convenience of your web browser – so why miss out! The new E-Edition looks exactly the same as the newsprint version, the pages turn on your mouse click and you can zoom in and out of pages.

How do I send writing to the Daily Star?

For letters to the editor, published in our editorial page in print, send them to [email protected]. The letters should be between 100 to 200 words.

Who is daily Star owned by?

Reach plc
The Daily Star Sunday is published by Express Newspapers, which along with the Daily Star also publishes the Daily Express and Sunday Express….Daily Star Sunday.

Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Reach plc
Publisher Reach plc
Editor Denis Mann

Where is the Sheffield Star printed?

The Star, often known as the Sheffield Star, is a daily newspaper published in Sheffield, England, from Monday to Saturday each week.

What are the political leanings of UK newspapers?

Tabloid newspapers

Title Days of publication Political orientation
Daily Mail Daily Right-wing
The Mail on Sunday Sundays
Daily Express Daily
Sunday Express Sundays

Who owns the Trinity Mirror group?

Before 2018, Reach plc was known as Trinity Mirror plc. The list includes titles owned by the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), and those owned by both M.E.N Media and S&B Media, after both companies were purchased by Trinity Mirror as GMG Regional Media from the Guardian Media Group in 2010.

Where is the Daily Star located?

Hammond, Louisiana
The Daily & Sunday Star is a newspaper published in Hammond, Louisiana, by the Daily Star Publishing Company.

How do I write to The Star newspaper?

You can contact the Star’s Bureau of Accuracy and Public Editor by email at [email protected]; by phone at 416-869-4949; or by fax at 416-869-4322. If you have a news tip, call 1-800-331-8127 or e-mail us at [email protected].

How do I submit to the news?

E-mail is the best way to make an initial contact, but you may also call or write a letter. If your story is in connection with something you read in The Post, contact the reporter whose byline is on the article. The e-mail address of Post reporters is printed at the bottom of every story in the newspaper.

What political party does the Daily Star support?

Political allegiance Like its sister paper the Daily Star, the Daily Star Sunday carries fewer political stories than its rivals, and it has never openly supported one political party.