Does ridgid still make a bandsaw?

Does ridgid still make a bandsaw?

Ridgid is one brand that used to top the list. Offering a combination of reliable performance, heavy-duty construction, and affordability, it was a favorite with hobbyists and more experienced woodworkers alike. While the company itself is going strong, it discontinued its bandsaws.

What size blade does a ridgid bandsaw take?

This tool features a lightweight, ergonomic design, variable speed dial up to 680 SPFM, an integrated rafter hook and 2-1/2 in. cut capacity with a 32-7/8 in….Specifications.

Includes R8604 Band Saw, 32-7/8 18 TPI Blade, hex key and operator’s manual.
Blade Size 32-7/8 in.
Blade Width 1/2 in.
Blade Speed 320-680 SFPM

How long is a blade for a 14 inch bandsaw?

93 1/2inch
Band Saw : Blade, Band Saw, Wood Cutting, Standard for 14 Inch machines, 2375mm (93 1/2inch)

What is a compact band saw used for?

The portable band saw is one of the few tools that, when used with the right blade, is equally effective regardless of material. It can cut straight lines or curves, so it can be used for joints, precision cuts, or decorative work.

Do I need a 14 inch bandsaw?

For the small shop furniture maker, go with 14″ as the minimum for a bandsaw, though 16″ is better. Those doing larger work might even want 18″ or 20″ machines. Just make sure you have a minimum resaw height of 12″ for versatility.

What is a good size band saw?

​For a hobbyist, a 12″-14″ bandsaw is the ideal size. This size saw will provide plenty of power and a good deal of resawing capability. A professional will be better served with an 18″ bandsaw for a larger resawing capability. Choosing a 14″ band saw would provide plenty of power in a smaller footprint.

What size bandsaw blade do I need for 14 inch bandsaw?

93-1/2″ Long
3/16″ Wide x 93-1/2″ Long, 10 TPI, Band Saw Blade, . 025″ Thick, Fits All 14″ Delta/Rockwell, 14″ Jet, Grizzly, 14″ Reliant, Enlon, Star, Bridgewood & Most Imported 14″ Band Saws, Mild Scroll Cutting In Wood.

Do I need a 14 inch band saw?

Can I use a longer bandsaw blade?

Most bandsaws will accept a range of blade lengths, sometimes with as much as 2” difference between the shortest and longest blades that the saw can use.