Does Ridge Find out what Sheila did to Brooke?

Does Ridge Find out what Sheila did to Brooke?

They all sit down, and Ridge informs his son that Steffy remembered who the shooter was — Sheila. Thomas blurts, “That’s insane! Finn’s her son!” He asks, “Why?” Ridge grunts, “We think you know why.” Taylor explains that Steffy overheard Thomas on the phone with Sheila and figured out what she did to Brooke.

Who does ridge end up with?

This results in Brooke instantly clashing with Taylor, as Brooke cannot believe that Ridge could love another woman. Ridge waffles between the two women for a while but ultimately decides to marry Taylor. They wed in a beautiful ceremony which Brooke attempted to stop to make the announcement that she is pregnant.

Who’s leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

After 25 years with “The Bold and the Beautiful” as Ridge Forrester, actor Ronn Moss will be leaving the show, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Does Brooke find out Sheila made her drink?

At the cliff house, Sheila admits she switched the labels on the champagne bottles and set up Brooke to drink. “I did it for your family,” she tells Steffy, who declares her to be truly delusional. Sheila scoffs at Brooke judging her as though she’s never done anything wrong. Ridge says, “You made my wife drink.

Does Brooke and Ridge get back together on Bold and Beautiful?

Frisky Business: Brooke and Ridge are getting frisky in Eric’s living room. Brooke is apologizing (yet again) for letting Deacon “infiltrate” their lives. She distracts him by saying it’s time for her to remind him just how fun loving they can be. Brooke is so clearly thrilled that they are back together.

Does Ridge end up with Taylor or Brooke?

Ridge later married Brooke, who stepped in as a mother for Taylor’s children as well as her own kids. In 2005, during Bridget’s wedding to Ridge’s half-brother, Nick Marone, a woman’s scream is heard and Ridge goes to investigate.

Is Finn coming back to bold?

There’s a Hidden Message Inside Bold & Beautiful’s Resurrection of Finn — and It’s a Real Game-Changer. Sometimes a back-from-the-dead twist means more than just that a character is coming back from the dead. There was a time when, if The Bold and the Beautiful killed off a character, it was devastating. Impactful.

Did Thomas tell Ridge about Shelia?

This powerful spoiler video shows Steffy remembers everything about Sheila shooting her and Finn. Sheila’s going down, and meanwhile, Ridge finally chooses which woman he wants to be with, and Thomas confesses all!

Does Thomas tell Sheilas secret?

Brooke still can’t understand why she fell off the wagon that night, but Thomas has discovered the truth about what Sheila did to her. ‘She is an alcoholic and you duped her into drinking!” he reminds Sheila.

Is Ridge going to choose Taylor?

Bold & Beautiful: Ridge Doesn’t Choose Brooke or Taylor, Will Move Into Eric’s House |

Who is Ridge and Brooke’s son?

R.J. is the only child of Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester. He has 4 half siblings from his mother’s side: Rick Forrester, Bridget Forrester , Hope Logan and Jack Marone who is both his brother and cousin. RJ also has, 3 siblings from his father’s side: Thomas Forrester, Steffy Forrester and Phoebe Forrester.