Does metro goes to Ghaziabad?

Does metro goes to Ghaziabad?

Ghaziabad Metro Station There are several metro stations which are near Ghaziabad. Metro Stations on Blue Line and Red Line connects to Ghaziabad.

Is there any metro from Delhi to Ghaziabad?

The line connects the areas of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh and the districts of Shahdara, Central Delhi and North West Delhi in Delhi….Red Line (Delhi Metro)

Red Line (Line 1)
Owner DMRC
Locale Delhi and Ghaziabad
Termini Shaheed Sthal Rithala
Stations 29

Which metro goes to Dilshad Garden?

Red Line
The Dilshad Garden Metro Station is a station of the Red Line of the Delhi Metro….Dilshad Garden metro station.

Dilshad Garden
Operated by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)
Line(s) Red Line
Platforms Side platform Platform-1 → Rithala Platform-2 → Shaheed Sthal (New Bus Adda)

Is Dilshad Garden metro open?

The Dilshad Garden metro station is a metro station located on the Red Line of the Delhi Metro.It was opened for public transit on Wednesday, June 4, 2008….Buses Available from Dilshad Garden Metro Station.

Bus Route No Source Destination
165 DTC bus route Anand Vihar Isbt Shahbad Dairy

Which metro line is in Ghaziabad?

Shaheed Sthal Metro Station, also known as New Bus Adda Metro Station, is the terminal metro station of the Red Line in the Delhi Metro. It is located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

How far is Ghaziabad from New Delhi railway station?

Ghaziabad is located in India at the longitude of 77.45 and latitude of 28.67. New Delhi Railway Station is located in India at the longitude of 77.22 and latitude of 28.64 . Driving Distance : 31 KM and 569 meters / 19.6 miles. Straight Line Distance : 22 KM and 800 meters / 14.2 miles.

How far is metro station from Ghaziabad Railway Station?

Metro Connectivity Distance from Ghaziabad Junction Railway Station to Vaishali Metro Station is 12 kms. Ghaziabad railway station nearest metro station is Dilshad Garden Metro Station, If you want to travel from Ghaziabad railway station to Rohini route.

What is the closing time of Delhi Metro?

The Delhi Metro is a metro system serving Delhi and its satellite cities of Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida and Ghaziabad in National Capital Region in India. Services on the Delhi Metro and Airport Express line will open earlier in the mornings and its is starts at 5:30 am to 11:30 pm.

Which metro goes to rithala?

The Rithala Metro Station is a terminal station of the Red Line of Delhi Metro. It is an elevated station and is located in Rithala, Sector 5, Rohini in Delhi, India. The station was inaugurated on 31 March 2004.

Which is the last metro station of Ghaziabad?

How many stations are there from Ghaziabad to Delhi?

The Ghaziabad New Delhi Local (64425) passes through 8 popular railway stations to reach New Delhi (NDLS). The entire train journey takes 50 m in total.

How can I go from NDLS to Ghaziabad?

The cheapest way to reach from New Delhi to Ghaziabad is train to Ghaziabad and takes 31m. The fastest way to reach from New Delhi to Ghaziabad is cab to Ghaziabad and takes 24m. The recommended way to reach from New Delhi to Ghaziabad is train to Ghaziabad and takes 31m. Train numbers 02903, 02418, 02554 etc.

Which metro is near to Old Delhi railway station?

Chandni Chowk Metro Station
Chandni Chowk Metro Station is an underground station. This station serves people for Delhi Oldest Market Chandni Chowk and Old-Delhi Railway station (Delhi junction).

At what time metro starts in Ghaziabad?

The Exact First Train and Last Train timings vary according to each Station. Similarly The Airport Metro Express line starts at 4.45 am till 11.30 pm….Delhi Metro First Train Timing- Line-2.


Does Delhi Metro run 24 hours?

Delhi Metro operates over 2,700 trips daily, starting at around 05:00 and ending at 23:30.