Does get_iplayer still work?

Does get_iplayer still work?

Amazingly, this still works most of the time. Make sure you have the latest version of get_iplayer for your platform. You can find an installation guide in the downloads section which will give you links to all the latest versions of the programme.

How do I install iPlayer?


  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Search for BBC iPlayer.
  3. Select the Install button on the screen and the app should begin to download straight away.
  4. Once downloaded you’ll be given the option to Open: tap this to bring you straight to the BBC iPlayer app.

How do I rip from iPlayer?

How to Download BBC iPlayer Content on Desktop

  1. Go to the BBC iPlayer website.
  2. Navigate to the content you wish to download.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Select either Yes, download in HD or Yes, download in SD depending on what video quality you want.
  5. Your browser may prompt you to choose which application to download the file in.

Can you get iPlayer on a Mac?

Using a Mac? You’ll need to install the BBC iPlayer Downloads application in your application folder: Double-click the file after it’s been downloaded. A window with a BBC iPlayer Downloads icon should appear.

How do I keep BBC Sounds forever free download?

Yes! TunesKit Audio Capture is a smart choice for downloading BBC radio programmes. You can use this tool to download BBC sounds to MP3 in any place and the BBC downloadings will never expire.

Is the BBC iPlayer app free?

Tablets are perfect for watching catchup TV and streaming films. You don’t even need to pay – for example, the BBC iPlayer app is free to use, so long as you’re a UK license fee payer. We show you how to install and use the BBC iPlayer app on an Android tablet or smartphone.

Can I record from iPlayer to USB?

Unfortunately not. You can only download programmes to your device’s internal storage and not to external storage devices such as an SD card, USB device, or disc. Our obligations to rights holders state that a downloaded programme can only be played on the device it was downloaded on. Was this helpful?

Can I record iPlayer to DVD?

For whatever reason you have, if you want to burn BBC iPlayer video download to DVDs, you have to remove the DRM protection first and then burn DVDs.

Where does iPlayer download to on Mac?

Can I change where I store my downloaded programmes on my PC/Mac?

  1. For PC users the default location is: > Users > account > Videos > BBC iPlayer Downloads.
  2. For Mac users the default location is: > Users > Movies > BBC iPlayer Downloads.

How can I watch iPlayer on my laptop?

BBC iPlayer Downloads is an application you can install on your computer to download programmes from the BBC iPlayer website….Here’s how it works:

  1. Install the application.
  2. Download programmes from the website.
  3. Watch your favourite programmes in the application when you’re offline, on the go, or outside the UK.

Can I copy BBC iPlayer downloads?

Downloads are saved on the BBC iPlayer app on the specific device you download them on, so they can’t be transferred to other devices. If you change over to a new device, you won’t be able to copy your downloaded programmes.

Do downloads from BBC Sounds expire?

Once you’ve downloaded a podcast, it’s yours to keep and has no expiry date.

Is get iPlayer safe?

get_iplayer is a tool for legitimate UK based license fee payers who, for what ever reason, cannot use the BBC’s website or apps to stream content. get_iplayer has a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that allow you to enjoy much of the content made available through the BBC iPlayer service.

How do I download from iPlayer permanently?

How do I download programmes on a mobile or tablet?

  1. Find the episode you want to download.
  2. Tap Download underneath the programme description.
  3. Tap on Menu > Downloads > Queue to see the progress of your downloads.

How can I record BBC iPlayer for free?

Below are the steps to record a BBC iPlayer channel using Wondershare UniConverter:

  1. Step 1Open the Screen Recorder function. Install and run the software on your desktop, then click Screen Recorder.
  2. Step 2Set a capture area.
  3. Step 3Configure the recording settings.
  4. Step 4Start the recording session.

How can I record iPlayer for free?

What is Series Record?

  1. Download an episode of a TV series to the iPlayer Downloads application on your computer or laptop.
  2. In the iPlayer Downloads application, select the By Series view.
  3. Toggle on the Series Record option for this series.