Does Drake the rapper play basketball?

Does Drake the rapper play basketball?

Grammy Award-winning artist Drake is an avid fan of all things hoops. He’s a diehard Toronto Raptors fan and is also the global ambassador for the team.

Is J Cole a basketball player now?

As The FADER reports, the 37-year-old J. Cole has signed on to play guard with the Scarborough Shooting Stars, one of the 10 teams in the Canadian Elite Basketball League. That league was founded in 2019, and the Scarborough Shooting Stars joined the league last year.

What basketball team does J Cole play for?

The Shooting Stars
The Edmonton Stingers won the CEBL title the past two seasons. The CEBL expanded to 10 teams for the 2022 season and J. Cole’s team — The Shooting Stars — became the league’s eighth team in August 2021.

Did Drake play high school sports?

Drake was raised in two Toronto neighbourhoods. He lived on Weston Road in the city’s working-class west end until grade six, playing minor hockey with the Weston Red Wings. He then moved to one of the city’s affluent neighbourhoods, Forest Hill, in 2000.

Did Drake play d1?

Drake Bulldogs football
NCAA division Division I
Conference Pioneer Football League
Past conferences Independent (1893–1906; 1952–1970; 1987–1992) Missouri Valley (1907–1951; 1971–1985)
All-time record 615–512–28 (.545)

Did J. Cole retire?

The hip-hop label was established in 2007 and includes an incredible roster of talented musicians alongside J. Cole himself. The official @TeamDreamville Twitter account posted “J. Cole has officially retired” on April 18, 2022.

Who owns the Hamilton Honey Badgers?

Under the leadership of Commissioner Mike Morreale and his staff, and the devotion of CEBL owner Richard Petko, the CEBL Summer Series will bring all seven league teams to St. Catharines for 26 games in 15 days, leading to a 2020 Championship game on August 9.

What division is Drake basketball?

NCAA Division I Men’s BasketballDrake Bulldogs men’s basketball / Division

What is Drake basketball record?

They finished the regular season 22–9, 13–5 in MVC play to finish in a tie for second place….2021–22 Drake Bulldogs men’s basketball team.

2021–22 Drake Bulldogs men’s basketball
Conference Missouri Valley Conference
Record 25–11 (13–5 MVC)
Head coach Darian DeVries (4th season)

Is Doja cat retiring?

Doja Cat is still planning on retiring from music, but she hinted in a new interview that her time away will look more like a hiatus than a permanent goodbye.

Where do honey badgers live?

Habitat and range Honey badgers can be found throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and western Asia. They can adapt to a variety of conditions, from warm rain forests to cool mountains. Their home ranges can be as vast as about 193 square miles (500 square kilometers).