Does Bolton win his fight Waterloo Road?

Does Bolton win his fight Waterloo Road?

Of course, a large part of the draw to stay was Bolton’s success at charming Waterloo Road’s sizable female population. His past conquests include Janeece, Michaela and Sambuca….She-Hulk Trailer Dropped – The Loop.

Bolton Smilie
First Appearance (Regular) Series 3 Episode 1
Last Appearance (Regular) Series 5 Episode 20

What is Bolton Smilie’s name?

Kay PurcellBolton Smilie / Played byKay Purcell was an English actress. She was known for her roles as Cynthia Daggert in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, Candice Smilie in the school-based drama series Waterloo Road, Gina Conway in the CBBC Wikipedia

What happens to Michaela in Waterloo Road?

In Waterloo Road Reunited, it is revealed that Michaela fell pregnant, giving birth to a son called Kyle. In the reunion party, she was given a new job in Dubai but in order to go to Dubai, she had to be married.

What happened to Marley Kelly Waterloo Road?

After this episode, Marley graduated from Waterloo Road and went off to university with Flick where they continue their relationship.

Does janeece keep her baby?

However, when little Cheryl (named after Cheryl Cole) was born, Janeece realised she could never give up her daughter and ended up keeping her.

What happens to Jasmine in Waterloo Road?

Michaela gets one of her friends to give her a bruise on her face, and lies saying Jasmine caused the bruise….Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis – The Loop.

Jasmine Koreshi
Cause/Reason Left for pastures new
Occupation English Teacher Acting Head of English (S4E17)
Romances Rob Cleaver

Is Rhiannon pregnant Waterloo Road?

Casual boyfriend Darren is disgusted at Rhiannon’s fussing over virtual baby ‘BeyoncĂ©’. When she reveals she might be really expecting their baby, Darren runs off! Rhiannon finally confides in Maggie about her pregnancy scare and takes a test, which reveals it’s a false alarm.