Does BMW 5 Series Touring have air suspension?

Does BMW 5 Series Touring have air suspension?

BMW has worked extensively on the 5 Series Touring’s ride to ensure it remains just as comfortable as the saloon. To achieve this, it has fitted all cars with rear air suspension as standard, which means that it’ll stay level no matter how much is loaded into the boot.

Is the BMW 5 Series comfortable?

The BMW 5 Series is impressively comfortable around town and all models are supremely comfortable at motorway speeds. While the larger wheels on M Sport cars make them slightly worse in potholes, the 5 Series is still one of the smoothest cars around.

Does BMW 5 Series have adaptive suspension?

The adaptive function is particularly good, because it automatically tailors the car’s suspension set-up to suit the road ahead, but the ability to switch to a stiffer setting on a great road means you can access more of its ability.

What is BMW G31?

The seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series consists of the BMW G30 (sedan version) and BMW G31 (wagon version, marketed as ‘Touring’) executive cars. The G30/G31 has been produced since 2016 by the German automaker BMW and is often collectively referred to as the G30.

How do I know if my BMW 5 Series has adaptive suspension?

Registered. Just hit the driver control switch on the center console (ECO PRO > COMFORT >SPORT etc). If you have Adaptive it will ask you on the iDrive screen if you want to change ‘Chassis & Drivetrain’. Non Adaptive cars don’t have the chassis option (suspension).

How do I know if I have adaptive M suspension?

Turn your wheel full lock and look at the rear of the front damper. If it has this protrusion then you have adaptive.

When was BMW 5 Series Touring facelift?

In 2013, the station wagon, named Touring in the BMW range, received a facelift, along with the entire 5-series. The 5-Series Touring was the version for those who require a bigger load capacity. With the rear seats up, it offered 560 liters (19.7 cu-ft) of space.

What BMW is made in Germany?

The BMW Group Munich Plant also produces BMW 4 Series models. However, the BMW 3 Series Touring, BMW 4 Series Coupe and M4 Coupe are exclusively manufactured in Munich.

Is BMW adaptive suspension worth it?

It’s absolutely worth having. I have it on both my Z4 and X3. Generally if you buy a BMW without it, you get a ride that is going to lean on the harder side. I test drove an M340I without active suspension and did not like the ride quality because it was (for me) too harsh to be a daily driver on average roads.

Do I have BMW adaptive suspension?

Does M Sport Package include adaptive suspension?

For example, Car and Driver and Road & Track report the 3-Series’ M Sport package adds quicker steering, differently-colored brake calipers, and M Sport suspension. The X5 M Sport package, meanwhile, swaps the sport suspension for an adaptive system.