Does Apple Watch work in Germany?

Does Apple Watch work in Germany?

Answer: A: Answer: A: GPS only Apple Watch will work anywhere around the world as long as your iPhone is nearby.

Which Apple Watch is best in 2022?

Best Apple Watch 2022

  • Best overall: Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS.
  • Best value: Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular.
  • Best for runners: Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular.
  • Best status symbol: Apple Watch Series 7 Hermès.
  • Classy luxury: Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Edition.

How much does Apple Watch cost in Germany?

Germany – Apple Watch 7, 41mm – price, May 2022

Germany – Apple Watch 7, 41mm – price, May 2022
EUR 429.000
USD 447.112

Can I use an American Apple Watch in Europe?

Question: Q: USA Apple watch in Europe Answer: A: Answer: A: A watch purchased in the US, will work in Canada, USA, Mexico and Puerto Rico. If you want a cellular watch, buy it where you live or you’ll end up paying for a cellular model, which will work as a GPS model only.

Can I use my Apple Watch in Europe?

And Apple Watch warranty is not international. It would be far safer for you purchase your watch in the region you will live and use the watch. If you still purchase your watch in Europe and find it is not compatible with providers in Israel, you’ll still be able to use the watch in Israel, but as a GPS only watch.

Is there a monthly fee to have an Apple Watch?

It costs $10 per month to add your Apple Watch cellular option to the Magenta, Magenta Max, or Essentials plans. A one-time $20 activation fee may apply.

Do you need another phone line for Apple Watch?

It is only necessary to get another line if you intend to use the Watch with the cellular activated. It is not necessary to get the Watch cellular activated if one intends to have their paired iPhone nearby whenever using the Watch.

Are Apple watches different in Europe?

There should be no issue with a watch purchased in one EU country (though the UK left the EU, it’s still a European country) and used in another EU country. Warranties are not international, and the UK is not international with respect to France.

Will my Apple Watch work internationally?

About international roaming Unlike iPhone, there isn’t a worldwide Apple Watch model that supports all cellular bands used globally. When your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone or a previously joined Wi-Fi network, you can still use all the features of your Apple Watch, even if cellular isn’t available.

Does Apple Watch 6 work Europe?

Can you use Apple Watch as a phone?

Make calls on Apple Watch (make phone calls if you have Wi-Fi calling enabled or want to make a FaceTime audio call and you’re within range of a Wi-Fi network) Use Walkie-Talkie. Stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks to your Apple Watch.

Does Apple Watch drain Iphone battery?

Ever since getting an apple watch, the phone only lasts about 3-4 hours of on-screen time. I even noticed that it dies or loses ~30% battery in the night while I am asleep. When I check the battery graph in settings, it shows the battery draining overnight but shows nothing for both on and off-screen using the battery.

Can you text on Apple Watch SE?

In the Messages app on your Apple Watch, you can compose and send messages that contain not only text, but also images, emoji, Memoji stickers, and audio clips.

Does an Apple Watch add to your phone bill?

You will, of course, still have to own an iPhone and pay for an iPhone cellular plan. But owning the cellular Apple Watch means you’ll also need to add the cost of an Apple Watch data plan to your current bill.

What is the best smartwatch to buy?

Apple Watch 3 The Apple Watch 3 (or Apple Watch Series 3, if you’re picky) was once the very best smartwatch, but it has since been bumped down by the Apple Watch 4, 5, 6, and 7, as well as the SE. That said, it’s still a great device, especially as it’s now cheaper than ever.

What is the best Apple Watch for the money?

As does the Apple Watch Series 3, which, over three years later, is still available. The Series 3 is starting to age out, but it can do a lot for its $199 price tag. It has GPS, fitness tracking and is swim-proof, so it’s still the best Apple Watch for the price. 1. Apple Watch Series 7 The Apple Watch 7 is the best Apple Watch overall.

Does the Apple Watch 7 have a bigger display?

Not only does the Apple Watch 7 benefit from Apple’s activity tracking sensors, FDA-approved ECG monitor, an always-on display and dedicated App Store, but it has the biggest display of any Apple Watch yet. It’s up to 20% larger than the Apple Watch 6 display and 50% larger than the Apple Watch 3 display.

Is the Apple Watch se worth it?

However, the Watch SE comes with the same issues as the rest of the Apple Watch line: some features and apps are too lightweight, and the battery life is just too short to get the best out of the watch.