Does 1800 Contacts sell prescription sunglasses?

Does 1800 Contacts sell prescription sunglasses?

60-Day Delight Guarantee Every pair of glasses includes free premium prescription lenses.

How do I get glasses with 1800 contacts?

Getting started is easy. Visit Select the type of lens you want, provide details on your existing frames, and describe your prescription type. Within a week, your new glasses will ship out, backed by a 90-Day Lens Warranty and 1-800 Contacts’ unmatched customer service.

Can I send my sunglasses to get prescription?

If your must-have sunglasses aren’t available with pre-order prescriptions, you’ll need to send them to a lab. This lab must remove your standard lenses and replace them with prescription ones. The good news is that you can select a new color for your favorite sunglasses.

How do I contact glasses com?

You can also make these changes by calling us at 1-800 GLASSES (1-800-452-7737) to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Why is my glasses and contacts prescription different?

HOW ARE THE TWO TYPES OF PRESCRIPTIONS DIFFERENT? Part of the reason for the differences is that contacts are placed directly on the lens of your eye, while glasses sit about 12 millimeters away. That seemingly minor difference requires a different prescription strength for each type of corrective eyewear.

Who can make my sunglasses prescription?

The best way to get yourself a pair of prescription sunglasses is to ask your optometrist or optician.

How do I track my glasses order?

Please enter the email used during checkout and your order number to access all the tracking details. To view your order history, sign in here.

How long do glasses take to arrive?

Glasses can take from 3 – 7 days, depending on the prescription, special finishes, etc.

Can I use my glasses prescription for contacts?

Unfortunately, you can’t use your current glasses prescription for contact lenses. While both can correct your vision, your prescription for glasses differs from a contact lens prescription in many ways.

Are contacts legally blind?

Your doctor will check your vision during a standard eye exam. They will measure your eyesight while you’re wearing glasses or contact lenses. Your vision might fall below 20/200 without them. If it improves when you put on your glasses or contacts, you’re not considered legally blind.

Is 1-800 Contacts actually cheaper?

Like other direct-to-consumer companies, 1-800 Contacts may be less expensive than buying your contacts through an eye doctor or brick-and-mortar eyewear retailer. The company offers a generous return policy that includes defective or torn lenses and lenses you don’t need because of changes in your prescription.

Are contacts better than glasses?

Better vision ; It’s true that both eyeglasses and contact lens provides an identical visual aid, however, even if it is by the smallest margin, contact lens does a better job in improving and producing a more accurate image.

Are contacts more expensive than glasses?

You may also need to have more than one pair of glasses. Many people have separate glasses for computer use, prescription sunglasses, or just a spare pair as a backup. Contact lenses are typically even more expensive than glasses.

Can you wear glasses over contacts?

There’s also this: As you get older, your eyes age and, depending on whether you are naturally near-sighted or far-sighted, you may need bifocals or reading glasses. It’s easy to use reading glasses when you wear contacts. And they do make bifocal and multifocal contact lenses.

Why are glasses better than contacts lens?

Contact lenses allow an unrestricted visual field,whereas glasses may obstruct your peripheral vision.

  • Contacts stay put,while glasses can become an inconvenience should they shift or fall off.
  • Contacts will not get broken during a game,whereas glasses—despite ever-improving strength and durability—may become damaged.