Do you put a twist in an infinity scarf?

Do you put a twist in an infinity scarf?

Twisting it before joining the ends allows the scarf to have a more flattering fit around the neck when worn!

How long should a crochet infinity scarf be?

Length Size Chart for Infinity Scarves

Size Length (inches) Length (cm)
Short 40-45 101-114
Standard 50-60 127-152
Long 65-70 165-178
Extra Long 75-80 190-203

How many chains do you need for an infinity scarf?

A Perfect Infinity Scarf for Beginners. Also, note the number of chains to begin your scarf is 120. If you are making it for someone larger than average or you want to be able to loop it loosely on your neck, you might want to use 146 links instead.

Can you crochet with velvet yarn?

But if you’ve ever tried to actually crochet with velvet yarn, you know it’s not the easiest material to work with. The velvet makes it hard to find the stitch you’re working in. On top of that, if your tension isn’t completely consistent, your project will come out looking inconsistent. There just isn’t any give.

How wide should I make my infinity scarf?

Measure your fabric in a rectangle shape to the length and width you want; we chose 60″ long x 40″ wide, as a 60″ infinity scarf can usually be wrapped twice around the neck for a nice, close fit. Because we’re making a double-layered scarf, the width needs to be cut twice as wide as the scarf’s final dimension.

How wide should a crochet infinity scarf be?

They both have a continuous loop where there are no ends. This can be done by crocheting a large loop, or crocheting a common scarf then stitching the ends together….Width Size Chart for Infinity Scarves.

Size Width (inches) Width (cm)
Skinny 3-4 8-10
Thin 5-6 12-15
Standard 7-8 18-21
Wide 10-12 25-31

How long and wide should an infinity scarf be?

Is velvet yarn good for scarves?

The velvet yarn is so soft and luxurious. It makes such a soft and cozy winter scarf. It’s made with all half double crochet in the back loop only. This adds just a little bit of texture while still keeping it an easy pattern.

What does it mean when yarn worms?

Worming is when a loop of yarn pulls away from the knitted fabric and coils back on itself. It’s especially problematic with velvety and chenille style yarns and slippery/silky yarns like Bernat Velvet are very prone to it.

How long should you knit an infinity scarf?

How long should a bulky infinity scarf be? approximately 50-60″ According to the first chart, you’ll want to knit your infinity scarf for approximately 50-60″ (or 127-152.4 cm) before binding off, and you’ll want to only cast on as many stitches as to make your scarf ‘skinny,’ or about 3-4″ (7.6-10.16 cm) worth.

How to crochet an infinity scarf with bulky yarn?

Make sure you have the right hook – size S was used for this

  • Choose a super bulky yarn or hold multiple strands of worsted weight together to get the bulk up.
  • Simple stitch patterns are best due to the bulkiness of the yarn – single or double crochet.
  • Hold your hook a little more towards end to help prevent hand fatigue.
  • What are some free Infinity scarf crochet patterns?


  • Skill Level:
  • Abbreviations:
  • Gauge:
  • Finished Size:
  • Notes: This pattern is written in US terms. Sizing will vary depending on how tightly or loosely you crochet.
  • Multiple:
  • Instructions: Row 3-107: Repeat Row 2.
  • Finish: Bring both ends of the scarf together so that beginning row meets the end row.
  • How to finish off crochet scarf?

    Finish the scarf. After your scarf is the length you want it to be, you will need to finish it off. To finish the scarf, complete the last double crochet stitch, and then pull the loop to widen it so that it is at least a few inches long. Cut the loop in the center, and then pull out the cut yarn attached to the skein (ball of yarn).