Did Alex Hirsch make inside job?

Did Alex Hirsch make inside job?

Takeuchi, a former Gravity Falls writer, acts as showrunner and is an executive producer alongside Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch and BoJack Horseman director Mike Hollingsworth….Inside Job (2021 TV series)

Inside Job
No. of episodes 10
Executive producers Shion Takeuchi Alex Hirsch Mike Hollingsworth
Producer Chantal Hennessey

Who voices Reagan in inside job?

Lizzy CaplanReagan Ridley / Voiced byElizabeth Anne Caplan is an American actress. Her first acting role was on the cult television series Freaks and Geeks. She received wider recognition with roles in the films Mean Girls and Cloverfield, the latter of which earned her a nomination for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. Wikipedia

Who voices myc in inside job?

Brett GelmanMagic Myc / Voiced byBrett Clifford Gelman is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for his role as Murray Bauman in Netflix’s horror-supernatural series Stranger Things and as Martin on the BBC comedy Fleabag. Wikipedia

How many episodes are in inside job?

10Inside Job / Number of episodes

Who voices Noel in Inside Job?

Alex Hirsch is the voice of Noel Atkinson in Inside Job.

Who is the mushroom in Inside Job?

Said nasty alien mushroom is voiced by actor and comedian Brett Gelman. There’s something wonderfully arrogant-sounding about his voice, a quality that his character thrives on. Brett opened up about what excited him about working on Inside Job. “The writing, and the world that was being created.

What is the shadow board inside job?

It appears as though Reagan has turned a new corner in life, but that’s when it’s revealed that the Shadow Board, i.e., the ones who truly run the world, have decided to give the position of CEO to Cognito, Inc. to Rand instead.

How smart is Reagan Ridley?

2 Reagan Ridley Over the course of the season, Reagan is able to use her intelligence to repeatedly solve major problems, such as preventing Buzz Aldrin from moving the moon. She also demonstrates the ability to create and program robotics at a high level.

How old is Reagan Inside Job?

30 years old
She is the daughter of the company’s current CEO, Rand Ridley. Reagan is voiced by Lizzy Caplan. Ridley is 30 years old.

Who is the villain of Inside Job?

Randall “Rand” Ridley is the main antagonist of Netflix adult animated series Inside Job.