Can you use social media while in the Navy?

Can you use social media while in the Navy?

This adds an ethical wrinkle to friending or following your subordinates; the key is for you to maintain the same relationship with them online as you do at work and to be clear about that. Sailors using social media are subject to the UCMJ and Navy regulations at all times, even when off duty.

What is OPSEC social media?

1. OPSEC is a process by which an organization identifies, controls and protects critical information. 2. Potential adversaries come in many forms; not all of them want to kill or destroy.

What is OPSEC for the Navy?

Security and Safety During Deployment. As part of the military community, chances are that you’ve heard the term “OPSEC”, or operations security. Simply put, OPSEC means being careful about what is said and done in front of others in order to protect you, your family and your service members from those that can do harm …

What is the 5 step OPSEC process?

The OPSEC process includes the following five steps: (1) identify critical information, (2) identify the threat, (3) assess vulnerabilities, (4) analyze the risk, (5) develop and apply countermeasures.

Can military personnel use social media?

Soldiers using social media must abide by the UCMJ at all times, even when off duty. Commenting, posting and linking to material that violates the UCMJ or basic rules of Soldier’s conduct are prohibited, along with talking negatively about supervisors or releasing sensitive information.

What is considered an OPSEC violation?

OPSEC violations commonly occur when someone shares information with people they do not know well (like their Twitter followers,) or if their social media accounts have loose privacy and security settings. OPSEC can blend seamlessly from military duty into personal lives.

Does Sandboxx violate OPSEC?

A. No, using Sandboxx does not violate OPSEC or PERSEC. Basic training addresses are not considered OPSEC information.

What are OPSEC violations?

Are friendly detectable actions?

An indicator is data derived from friendly detectable actions and open-source information that an adversary can interpret and piece together to reach conclusions or estimates of friendly intentions, capabilities, or activities.

Can the military use Instagram?

Detailed Summary: The U.S. Army On Instagram The official U.S. Army account on Instagram is at: They state that the account is for “exclusive photos & videos of Soldiers around the globe!” The US Army’s website:

Are military allowed to use Facebook?

The U.S. military is strongly considering a near-total ban on Twitter, Facebook, and all other social networking sites throughout the Department of Defense, multiple sources within the armed forces tell Danger Room. It’s the latest twist in the Defense Department’s tangled relationship with so-called “Web 2.0” sites.

Does military look at your Facebook?

A. The short answer is yes. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper signed Security Executive Agent Directive 5 in May that allows investigators to analyze information posted publicly on social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as part of security clearance background checks.

What are OPSEC rules for?

OPSEC best practices help protect critical Department of Defense information and keep enemies from learning about military information. OPSEC comprises a set of best practices and rules to keep service members safe, protect critical information, and ensure that military operations stay secret.

Can soldiers use social media?

Can you post on social media while deployed?

With the ease of social media, in any part of the globe at any time, a Soldier, Army civilian, or family member can post pictures from a deployment or talk about an Army mission.

Can military use social media?

The US military has embraced social media for its efficiency at reaching large audiences across the globe. Nearly every military installation, command, and senior leader have a public Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account that its members, families, and community partners can access.

Can deployed Soldiers use Facebook?

The Army’s social media experts tell Soldiers not to use location-based social networking services when deployed or in classified areas; for Soldiers and families not to post specific dates or locations of deployments; and recommend setting privacy settings to ‘friends only’ on personal accounts to prevent personal …