Can you use LG SideKick by itself?

Can you use LG SideKick by itself?

A: It can run independently. We often use it that way. Note that it has its own plumbing and electrical.

Can you use LG SideKick at same time as washer?

It can also operate independently from or simultaneously with an LG washer or dryer and allows users to start or stop a cycle on either washer without interrupting the other.

Are SideKick washers worth it?

The Sidekick is a small unit, only able to hold about one cubic foot of laundry. Once it’s hooked up, you shouldn’t be afraid to put delicates in the SideKick. The Handwash cycle is one of the most gentle we’ve ever tested, and uses cold water almost exclusively, so your colors won’t run.

Does LG make a SideKick dryer?

The LG SideKickā„¢ is specially designed for your small, custom-care laundry loads. You can clean days of sweat- laden spin class gear now rather than waiting for a full load in your regular washer. Add the laundry pedestal to your dryer to elevate it off the floor.

Can you use LG SideKick with top load washer?

A: Yes, the hoses have a Y connector that splits the main washer connection into two and one goes to the sidekick.

What’s the point of a pedestal washer?

A washer pedestal is a platform installed under a front-load washing machine to raise it off of the floor. This can make it easier to access laundry by bringing the door closer to chest height. Many laundry pedestals also feature a large storage drawer to help organize laundry items.

Where do you put the detergent in the LG SideKick?

To use the detergent with your SideKick pedestal washer, select your wash cycle. Measure the detergent with the detergent dispenser and pour it into the tub a top of your load. Close the lid slide the drawer close and press the Start/Pause button to start the cycle.

Can you use the LG pedestal washer alone?

Yes you can use it as a stand-alone if you wanted too.

Can you stack LG washer and dryer with SideKick?

By comparison, the most efficient washing machines in our latest tests used less than 10 gallons to wash an 8-pound load. And you can’t stack an LG dryer atop an LG front-loader if the Sidekick pedestal washer is below.

How do you clean the tub on a LG pedestal washing machine?

It is highly recommended that you use the Tub Clean cycle to clean the washing machine tub at least once a month. Make sure the tub is empty, add liquid chlorine bleach mixed solution or tub cleaner. Close the lid select the tub clean cycle, and press the start button and push the drawer closed.

What is the point of a pedestal washer?

How much water does the LG SideKick use?

about 12 gallons
LG SideKick SideKick can now also be paired with 2017 LG front-control dryers. Cons: Pricey, and requires some bending when unloading. This little top-loading washer, without an agitator, used about 12 gallons of water to wash our 2-pound load.

What is the point of a washer pedestal?

Can you put any washer on a pedestal?

Pedestals are made for front-load washers and dryers. Top-load washers and dryers will be more difficult to unload with the added height of a pedestal. Only use pedestals for side-by-side washer and dryer installations. You cannot use a pedestal to stack a washer and dryer.

How do I clean my LG SideKick tub?

Can a pedestal washer work by itself?

Yes you can use it as a stand-alone if you wanted too. Has its own water and drain lines like a full size washer.