Can you use CD-R for music?

Can you use CD-R for music?

CD-R. A CD-R, or compact disc-recordable, allows you to copy music one time. In other words, once you copy a song or set of songs from your computer hard drive onto the disc, you can no longer make any changes to the CD-R. The recording becomes permanent.

Are Maxell CDs good?

I consider these to be the best CD-Rs for recording music. They are consistent, durable and have never let me down. I have been using Maxell Music CD-Rs for years. I am impressed with the sound and fidelity of resulting recordings I have made and the surface is virtually scratch resistant.

What is the best CD-R?

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

  • #TOP 1. Verbatim CD-R Blank Discs 700MB 80 Minutes 52X Recordable Disc for Data and Music. CLICK FOR PRICE Read Review.
  • #TOP 2. Memorex 15404001 Music CD-R DA. CLICK FOR PRICE Read Review.
  • #TOP 3. Maxell 625335 Lifetime Warranty High-Sensitivity Recording Layer Recordable CD 700mb/80 min.

What is CD-R music format?

CD-R (Compact disc-recordable) is a digital optical disc storage format. A CD-R disc is a compact disc that can be written once and read arbitrarily many times.

What is the best burn speed for audio CD?

It is generally acknowledged as good practice to burn audio CDs at speeds no higher than 4x, but it is also important that you use good-quality blank media specifically designed for low-speed burning. Most computer media these days is designed for very high-speed burning, usually over 24x.

What CD do I need to burn music?

CD-R discs
What type of disc should I use? To create audio CDs that work in most stereo systems, use CD-R discs. CD-RW discs usually work only in computers. To create a CD of MP3 files to play in your computer or an MP3 CD player, use a CD-R disc; some MP3 players can play CD-RW discs as well.

Is CD-R better than CD?

For Discogs purposes a CDr is an entirely different format from a CD. Listing a CDr for sale against a CD listing is a Not Actual Item listing violation and is subject to removal. CDr’s are considered to be lower quality than CDs by a lot of people.

What speed should I burn a CD-R?