Can you still get Thori Dal?

Can you still get Thori Dal?

Apart from most other WoW Legendaries, the process of obtaining Thori’dal is straightforward. You just need to get lucky and get it as a loot-drop from Kil’Jaeden boss in Sunwell Plateau. The drop chance is 7% which is pretty low. So sometimes players have to run the raid over and over again every week.

Is Thori Dal BIS for Hunter?

It was a common misconception at the time that Thori’dal wasn’t good for Hunters (among people who didn’t play Hunters), but the weapon DPS alone is a giant upgrade.

Can you still get Thori Dal The Stars Fury?

Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury is a Bow which drops from Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau, a raid added back in The Burning Crusade expansion. The weapon itself has a low drop chance and you will have one attempt per week to get it. The easiest way to get there is by using the Stormwind/Orgrimmar Portal to Shattrath.

Is Thori Dal The Stars Fury BIS?

Analysis of Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury Today With todays much more advanced theorycrafting, simulators, and overall better players; we now know that Thori’dal is indeed best-in-slot. This is no close comparison either.

Is Thori Dal The Stars Fury good?

How do you get the legendary bow?

The goal is simple, kill Asera and The Sun Scourge is yours. Once Asera is defeated you can loot the corpse to acquire the legendary Sun Scourge Hunter Bow. This is the only possible way you can acquire this bow and with this being the only way, having this bow in your collection is fairly unique.

What is Thoridal?

Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury is the name of a legendary bow that drops from Kil’jaeden, who is the last boss of the Sunwell Plateau 25-man raid instance. This bow was the highest dps (level 70) weapon in game, excluding wands. Equipping the bow awards the Feat of Strength, [Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury].

What is Thori Dal The Stars Fury?

Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury is a legendary bow that has a chance to drop from Kil’jaeden in the Sunwell Plateau raid in World of Warcraft. Though it is said to resonate with the energies of the Sunwell, the origins and history of Thori’dal are largely unknown.

Is the sun scourge good?

The Sun Scourge is a fantastic hunter bow with great damage output and can launch ice, poison, and fire-type arrows. In order to acquire this weapon, you first need to clear out all the rebel camps, which then unlocks a side quest to challenge the final camp.

What is the strongest weapon in Horizon Forbidden West?

The Ancestor’s Return is the only Shredder Gauntlet weapon to find itself among Horizon Forbidden West’s best weapons. Not only is it the most powerful out of its subclass, but one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Is there a legendary bow in Horizon Forbidden West?

The Legendary Sharpshot Bow will cost players 80 Arena Medals. The Wings of the Ten Legendary Blastsling is given to players by Untalla in the Memorial Grove settlement once players have collected and traded in all 12 Black Boxes in Horizon Forbidden West.

Do BM hunters use Steady Shot?

Steady Shot is a hunter ability that can be used while moving. [Cobra Shot] at level 14….

Steady Shot
Improvements [Steady Focus]