Can you still chat on AIM?

Can you still chat on AIM?

AOL Instant Messenger shut down in 2017 The free AIM software let users send instant messages to anyone on their “Buddy List.” It also featured social media integration, photo and file sharing, video and audio chat, Buddy List themes/skins, and more. On December 15, 2017, AIM was discontinued.

Why was AIM shut down?

AOL only officially shut down the service late last year, citing a “cultural shift” in the way people communicate.

How do I recover my AIM conversations?

How to Recover Old AIM Conversations

  1. Launch AIM on your computer and log into your account with your username and password. Video of the Day.
  2. Click the “View” option in the main menu bar of the application.
  3. Click “Show Logs” in the options that appear.
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What happened to AIM chat rooms?

Late last year, AOL removed it’s formerly popular AIM Chat from all avenues., and even the AIM IM client – wherever you can think of, AIM Chat has been removed from there. AOL cited a massive decrease in users as the reason behind its euthanization of AIM Chat.

Is AOL and AIM the same thing?

AOL is a company, while AIM is a software, developed and maintained by AOL. 2. AOL is short for America Online, a corporate internet service provider (ISP). AIM is the initials of AOL Instant Messenger, a cross platform instant messaging program.

Can you still chat on AOL?

To view the rooms created by AOL users, open the Created by AOL Members tab. Use the search box to search for a specific chat room. Join a private chat room by clicking the Enter or Start Private Chat link, typing the exact name of the chat room and clicking Go Chat.

Can I access my old AIM messages?

Unfortunately, that is the case no longer. Ever since AIM was discontinued back in December of 2017, AIM users can no longer access the instant messenger by simply signing into their mail accounts or their AOL Mail accounts.

Is AIM still active today?

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Has AOL com changed to AIM?

Where are AIM conversations stored?

If you want to save your chat history, AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM, gives you an option to save your instant messages as archives. When you close your chat, the file is saved in your documents folder, where you can access them at any time from the AIM software.

Is there still AOL chat rooms?

AOL’s walled garden was officially dismantled in 2006. Chat rooms were available to AIM users until 2010, when AOL announced, “Since usage of AIM Chat has declined significantly in recent months, our focus has moved to other products.”

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