Can you replace a tail light lens cover?

Can you replace a tail light lens cover?

You can save a significant amount by replacing a broken taillight or turn-signal cover using used parts available from an auto-recycler. Since you already have the bulbs disconnected from the taillights and turn-signal lens, it would be a good idea to replace any bulbs.

How do you change a tail light panel?

Open the trunk of your vehicle and locate the back of the tail light assembly. Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the tail light assembly. Remove the tail light assembly mounting screws or nuts. Push the tail light assembly out from behind.

How long does it take to replace a tail light cover?

Fortunately, tail light bulb replacement isn’t difficult and shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

What are the parts of a tail light?

They consist of the tail-lights, brake-lights and the reversing lights. Each pair of lights serves a specific purpose for conspicuity during the night. The tail lights are red and are wired to light up whenever the front position lamps are turned on.

How do you replace a broken tail light cover?


  1. Turn off the vehicle. This will eliminate the possibility of electric shock.
  2. Remove the fasteners.
  3. Twist out the bulb socket.
  4. Separate the tail light assembly from the vehicle.
  5. Remove the old lens.
  6. Insert the new lens.
  7. Reinstall the tail light assembly.

What do I do if my tail light cover is broken?

If you simply have a crack in your tail light cover, some craft glue may do the trick. But, if the damage is more severe, you’ll want to cover the exposed area with some lens repair tape. You can get this at most auto parts stores – including here at the dealership.

How much does a tail light cover cost?

$50 to $300
The Average Cost for Tail Light Cover Replacement Is $50 to $300 Depending on If You Go to the Mechanic or DIY. This price range is based on national averages for all vehicles and does not factor in taxes, fees, or your particular make and model.

How much are tail light covers?

How Much Does a Tail Light Cover Cost? Aftermarket tail light covers usually cost anywhere from $50 to $120. They’re usually sold in sets of two and can come in different designs and colors. Meanwhile, labor can cost you an additional $75 to $180, but this range may vary depending on the rates in your location.

Can I drive with a broken tail light cover?

Is A Cracked Tail Light Cover Illegal? It is against the law to drive with a broken tail light. All cars are required to have two working tail lights. In addition, all tail light lenses must be clear.

Is it illegal to have a broken brake light cover?

Unless the bulb colour corresponds with the colour of the casing, then yes. For example, if your indicator light casing is broken but the actual bulb is orange then it’s fine. If you have white light showing a good temporary cover is sellotape or clear packing tape over the hole and a red sharpie to colour it in.

How do you fix a broken tail light cover?

Can you put red tape over a broken tail light?

3M Lens Repair Tape. 3M Lens Repair Tape provides temporary repairs of broken or cracked taillights, parking lights and side directional lights. The tape applies smoothly and tightly holds with its 3M adhesive that ensures a strong bond. Lens repair tape is available in both red and amber to match the lens color.

Can I drive with a busted tail light cover?

Is A Cracked Tail Light Cover Illegal? It is against the law to drive with a broken tail light.

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