Can you buy Nomination links?

Can you buy Nomination links?

A: The short answer is – yes! You can purchase the plain Nomination Composable links in the classic silver stainless-steel, yellow gold, rose gold, blue and black, with these different options providing you with the opportunity to compose a bracelet to suit a plethora of tastes, styles and genders!

Are Nomination bracelets real gold?

Nomination necklaces and pendants are crafted in stainless steel, sterling silver and possess yellow gold and rose gold platings and feature sparkling gemstones, glorious pearls and can be worn at every and all events.

Where is Nomination jewelry made?

All Made in Italy, NOMINATION produces fashionable handmade jewelry for men and women made of highest quality stainless steel, sterling silver and 18k gold, skillfully placed precious & semi-precious stones, zirconia and diamonds.

Do Pandora sell Nomination charms?

We stock charms from Pandora, Nomination and Rebecca, as well as from our exclusive Karma and Storie brands. Browse Pandora’s iconic Moments collection, Nomination’s classic Composable charms as well as newer charm concepts from your favourite brands.

Do Nomination bracelets rust?

If your Nomination charm bracelet or charms have become tarnished and dirty, a simple cleaning procedure will help restore their bright shine in no time. Tarnishing occurs when sulphur or oxygen makes contact with the surface of the silver and causes a chemical reaction.

Can I wear my Nomination bracelets in water?

But, NOMINATION advises their customers not to wash or wear your bracelet in water. The reason is that contact with water can increase the chances of damage happening to enamel and the stones that are set within the charms.

Are Nomination bracelets Italian?

The history of Nomination Bracelet, from the 80’s to the present, a bracelet giving emotions a name. The story of Nomination Bracelet started in the 1980s in Florence (Italy) and nowadays the company still works with the same values which include passion, innovation, an excellent craftsmanship and the italian spirit.

Do Nomination bracelets tarnish?

Nomination uses only the highest quality stainless steel of 304 or 316 grades, which is incredibly strong and will not tarnish.

How do you know if a Nomination bracelet is real?

How can you tell a fake Nomination Bracelet or Charm? All genuine blank Nomination charms will have the word NOMINATION on the front and all charms have ‘STAINLESS STEEL ® NOMINATION’ on the back. Therefore, if your item does not have this, it may be fake.

How can you tell if a Nomination bracelet is real?

What is the idea of a Nomination bracelet?

Nomination Bracelet was the first composable bracelet in which you can write your own name by uniting many Links with the letters of the alphabet, in fact the term “Nomination” comes from the latin and means“to name”.

How do you measure for a Nomination bracelet?

– If you already have a bracelet of the desired size, lay it on a smooth surface and measure it with a ruler or a measuring tape from one end to the other, including the closure. – Take note of the length and choose the Nomination bracelet that best matches that length.

What is the purpose of a nomination bracelet?

Are there different types of Nomination bracelets?

Nomination offer three types of link bracelet: ‘Classic’ (0.8cm height), ‘Big’ (1.2cm height), and iKon (gunmetal grey). Metal Colours: Stainless Steel The classic choice for a Nomination starter bracelet is the stainless steel 17 link bracelet.

How can you tell if a nomination bracelet is real?