Can you buy a Mouse Rat CD?

Can you buy a Mouse Rat CD?

Shop the Vinyl and Cassette. Mouse Rat: The Awesome Album is available for the first time ever on limited edition vinyl, CD, and cassette.

Who plays Mouse Rat?

Mouse Rat was Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt)’s band on Parks and Recreation. When Andy fell into the pit in season 1, they recorded a song about it to raise awareness and funds for Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)’s project to turn it into a park.

Did Chris Pratt write the songs in parks and rec?

The biggest emotional wallop of last night’s Parks and Recreation Special was arguably the entire cast singing along to the song Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) wrote in tribute to miniature horse and Pawnee legend Li’l Sebastian: “5000 Candles in the Wind.” The real-life songwriter who made that catchy, absurd, now …

Can Chris Pratt really play the guitar?

“I played guitar, not professionally,” Pratt replied. “And then we got to do a band practice, and we became a band — we rehearsed, we got to play a live party, we got to play that stuff live, we got to play a wrap party live.

What band is Mouse Rat based on?

(The song is a reworking of Tegan & Sara’s “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” featuring The Lonely Island, from the franchise’s first film). Light ‘5,000 Candles’ For Chris Pratt’s ‘Parks & Rec’ Band Mouse Rat, Who’s Dropping ‘The Awesome… Aziz Ansari, who played Tom Haverford, has scored three No.

Does Chris Pratt play in a band?

Chris Pratt’s Band from Parks and Recreation Is Releasing a Real Album This Summer. The album that Parks and Recreation fans didn’t know they needed is on the way. Mouse Rat, a fictional band from the NBC series created by Chris Pratt’s character, Andy Dwyer, announced on Wednesday that it is releasing a debut album.

Was Amy Poehler pregnant during filming of Parks and Rec?

Toward the end of production on the second season, lead actor Amy Poehler became pregnant and the producers of the show were forced to go into production on season three early and film an additional six episodes to accommodate not only Poehler’s pregnancy, but also a projected September 2010 air date.

Why did Tom leave Parks and Rec?

The night ends in chaos with Ron and Tammy being arrested and getting married. It is later revealed in the episode “Indianapolis” that Tom has created his own cologne scent called “Tommy Fresh”. In the season finale, Tom quits his job at the Parks Department to work at Entertainment 720 with Jean-Ralphio.

Why was season 3 of Parks and Rec so short?