Can u refund MSP VIP?

Can u refund MSP VIP?

Once purchases are made on MovieStarPlanet websites (including VIP membership, StarCoins, and other Virtual Goods, etc.), Users forgo their right to a monetary refund. Exceptions to this are made at the sole discretion of MovieStarPlanet.

How do you get diamonds on movie star planet?

Currently, the only ways to obtain diamonds is receiving them when you buy any type of VIP, buying a diamond package, winning contests in the competitions, buying a magazine with a code which includes diamonds, or receiving them as part of a daily reward when you have Elite or Star VIP from the piggy bank.

How do u get money on MovieStarPlanet?

How to Get Starcoins Easily on MovieStarPlanet

  1. Getting Your Daily Bonus.
  2. Watching Movies.
  3. Playing Games.
  4. Loving Pets.
  5. Making Movies.
  6. Using a Second Account.
  7. Completing Career Activities (PC only)
  8. Purchasing VIP.

Can you trade on MSP mobile?

To start trading items, first click on the movie star you want to trade with, then click on “Trade”: A small window will pop up with all the items that you currently possess: Select the item that you want to trade, then click on the violet “Trade” button in the bottom right corner.

Who is Pixi star on MovieStarPlanet?

Pixi Star is the main character on MovieStarPlanet. She is the first main character female players are introduced to when joining the game and is considered to be a guide. She is the female equivalent of Zac Sky.

How do you get free diamonds on MovieStarPlanet?

Diamonds is a currency on MovieStarPlanet that is exclusive to VIPs. Diamonds can only be purchased either as part of a VIP package, or as one of the Top-up packages that are exclusive to VIP users. In addition, Elite and Star VIP members receive a certain amount of Diamonds and StarCoins in their Piggy Bank every day.

What does SG mean in MSP?


Abbreviation Meaning Extra Info
s spawned An item that has been cheated into the game
ns non-spawned An item that has not been cheated into the game
sg shop-glitched An item whose color will glitch to the color of your skin
og original set colors An item whose colors have not been changed past the original colors

How does Moviestarplanet 2 make money?

All movie stars can earn StarCoins. You can for example spin the Wheel of Fortune once a day. You can watch ads, collect Gifts that will spawn daily (so don’t forget to log in and pop them), and much more. Click on the StarCoins logo in the top section for a guide about how to earn StarCoins.

How do you become a VIP for free on moviestarplanet?

Put in your MovieStarPlanet ID. It’s the ID you created when you initially created your account in the online game.

  • Now put the number of items you need. Number of Starcoins,Diamonds and choose your VIP.
  • And click the “GENERATE” button.
  • Just Refresh the game page and now have access to unlimited items in the game.
  • How do you get VIP on moviestarplanet?

    Watch short movies so you can get money to get fashionable clothing.

  • Log on often so you can try out these tips often.
  • Be unique and different,you might be known for something different,not like being a high level or being a forumer.
  • Always,always,always love your friends looks,movies,artbooks,and statuses when they make them.
  • How do you buy VIP on moviestarplanet?

    – create a new Movie. – create a new ArtBook. – create a new Look. – decorate your Room.

    How to get free VIP on moviestarplanet easily?

    One of the main ways to get a free vip without actually paying for a package is through the use of Msp Vip Codes. It’s like using a coupon to buy stuff except you don’t need to pay at all, and you can simply redeem the code in exchange for a fully functioning account. Moviestarplanet Codes work well if you can get your hands on some.