Can Kizaru beat Akainu?

Can Kizaru beat Akainu?

When combined with his phenomenal Haki, Akainu appears to be almost unbeatable. He has clashed against Whitebeard and managed to survive, which says a lot about how strong he truly is. Akainu’s skill is, undoubtedly, above that of Kizaru’s.

How did JOZU hurt Aokiji?

During the battle at the summit, he lost his right arm when Aokiji froze him in a brief moment while Jozu’s attention was turned away from him, causing the limb to become very brittle and break off once he fell over.

Is Sakazuki the strongest admiral?

Sakazuki (formerly known as Akainu) is the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines and his position means he’s currently the most powerful person in the organization.

How did Marco hit Kizaru?

The Marines and Kizaru watch amazed as he took no damage, to which Marco replies he did. Marco then flies towards Kizaru being attacked by his technique, although to no visible effect. Marco is capable of kicking Kizaru and launch him away, this however does not affect Kizaru at all.

Could Rayleigh beat Kizaru?

It’s difficult to say whether or not Silvers Rayleigh can currently beat any of the Marine’s Admirals. While he was a major force during his heyday, he was only able to clash with Admiral Kizaru on Sabaody Archipelago, and there wasn’t a clear winner afterwards.

Is diamond JOZU a Logia?

Jozu isn’t logia because logia can’t be solid. He could not turn his complete body. Only parts. Like mr 3.

Is Akainu stronger than Aokiji and Kizaru?

Their DFs are part of their power, you can’t remove the DF and say one is stronger than the other.The one who survived is the strongest after a match meaning Akainu is stronger than Aokiji. And the same with Kizaru if he ever fights. I do not think that Akainu is the weakest one. And this Magma> Ice thing is pure speculation.

Who would win in a fight between Borsalino and Akainu?

Kizaru obviously has the advantage in speed, but Akainu could probably cause the most damage. I don’t know man, magma’s just really hot, it’s not inherently explosive. But Borsalino figured out how to explode things with his light power, and if pushed could probably trigger an atom bomb’s worth of destruction. Akainu would win.

Why did Akainu beat akojiis?

Akainu winning had nothing to do with fighting skill superiority, its was simply Akainu’s aggressive will and determination being more fierce than Akojiis. Akainu is hungry for the position so he’ll beat Kizaru and Spoiler if he needed to

What happened between Jozu and Aokiji’s fight?

They didn’t have a fight per se Jozu punched him once in 567, then was just standing there, and Aokiji froze him in 568, the same diamond arm which punched him earlier. Nothing happened between.