Can I use Traktor with MASCHINE?

Can I use Traktor with MASCHINE?

Together, MASCHINE and TRAKTOR can be a match made in heaven. With this handy guide you’ll learn how to set them up together, in order to spice up your DJ sets with some groovebox action. (The following tutorial, unfortunately, does not yet apply to systems running Windows!)

Can I use Maschine as a MIDI controller?

It can now be selected and loaded from within the MASCHINE hardware. Make sure that MASCHINE is currently set to MIDI Mode. Switch to MIDI mode by pressing SHIFT + CONTROL on the hardware. Note: See this article for instructions to switch your MASCHINE controller to MIDI mode.

How do I connect my Maschine to my mixer?

If you connect the mixer via USB then you have to go to Maschine’s preferences and select your Mixer as an audio interface, then select the appropriate channels, this way Maschine will send audio to the mixer channel you pick.

Can you use Maschine to DJ?

One of the easiest ways DJs can begin to use Maschine in their DJ set is as a MIDI controller for Traktor. This means that in theory, all you would really need for your set is a copy of Traktor and a Maschine controller.

Can you use MASCHINE software with another controller?

To give you a short answer : Yes you can !

Can MASCHINE control logic?

You can now control Logic Pro’s transport functions with your MASCHINE Controller.

How do I connect my Maschine mk3 to my mixer?

How do I connect my MASCHINE to my mixer?

How do I use MASCHINE as a MIDI controller?

Open the TRAKTOR Preferences > Controller Manager > Device, and select the Generic MIDI entry associated with your MASCHINE controller. Make sure that the Maschine Controller Virtual port is selected in both the In-Port and Out-Port fields. Close the TRAKTOR Preferences.

How do I use MASCHINE Plus as an audio interface?


  1. Ensure that the MASCHINE+ driver has been installed.
  2. After connecting MASCHINE+ to your computer in controller mode as per the steps above, start the MASCHINE 2 Software.
  3. Navigate to File > Preferences… and click on the Audio tab.
  4. Choose ASIO as the Driver and Maschine Plus ASIO Driver as the Device.

Can you use Maschine Mikro as a MIDI controller?

With MIDI I/O and MIDI/MMC-over-USB, you can use Maschine as the control center for your entire studio. Use it as a master controller for your DAW and use it to control all your hardware sound modules and sequencers.

Is Maschine an audio interface?

Maschine MK3 as audio interface.

Can I use Maschine plus with software?

Using MASCHINE+ as an Audio Interface with a Computer MASCHINE+ can also be used as an audio interface for the MASCHINE software on your computer.