Can I store wine under stairs?

Can I store wine under stairs?

Store your wines in a dark spot – if you don’t have access to a cellar or dedicated cabinet, you can place them in your linen closet or wardrobes, under internal staircases, or on the lower shelves of your pantry.

How much does an under stairs wine cellar cost?

Walk In Wine Cellar Underground Walk-in underground wine cellars can feature a spiral staircase leading down into the “room”. These spiral rooms offer no tasting area, but can be used to house thousands of bottles of wine at a single time. A walk-in underground wine cellar can cost up to $50,000.

What is the best way to use space under stairs?

Practical space under stairs ideas

  1. Hide the washing machine away.
  2. Create a seating spot.
  3. Make an immaculate coat cupboard.
  4. Build a dog den.
  5. Create some space in the kitchen.
  6. Design the perfect hallway storage.
  7. Use the space as a pantry.

Where do you put a wine cabinet?

The Best Places to Put Your Wine Rack or Wine Room

  1. Cellar. A dim, cool space that is stable in temperature and movement is ideal for wine, which is why cellars are considered the best places to store it.
  2. A Large Closet.
  3. Away From Kitchen Appliances and Sunlight.

How do you build a wine room under the stairs?


  1. Create an opening space underneath the stairways, where you can build the wine cellar/room.
  2. Apply the vapor barrier to the wooden wall support.
  3. Make sure the vapor barrier is wrapped all the way around the wooden frames as it goes along.
  4. Install the foam board insulation between the wood studs.

What is the proper way to store wine?

The key takeaway should be to store your wine in a dark and dry place to preserve its great taste. If you can’t keep a bottle entirely out of light, keep it inside of a box or wrapped lightly in cloth. If you opt for a cabinet to age your wine, be sure to select one with solid or UV-resistant doors.

Does a wine cellar add value to a home?

The short answer is that having a wine cellar in your house can definitely increase its value. Adding this type of space to your house appeals to potential buyers’ fantasies about what an upscale house should contain.

How do you build a wine cellar under stairs?

How do you make a wine cellar under stairs?

How much space do you need around a wine fridge?

To prevent any unwanted build-up of hot air and to prevent the unit from malfunctioning, proper clearance guidelines must be followed. Generally, this means that you will need to allow for 6 inches of clearance at the back, 10-12 inches of clearances on each side, and nothing placed on top of the cooler.

How do I make a wine cellar?

A Step-By-Step Guide For Building a Wine Cellar in Your Basement

  1. Check the room for leaks.
  2. Install vapour barrier.
  3. Seal the concrete floor.
  4. Begin furring the walls.
  5. Choose the proper wine cellar door.
  6. Check for room for air leaks after installing cellar door.
  7. Put a finish on the walls.
  8. Create a Wine Cellar Cooling System.

How do I build a wine cellar under my house?

What is the purpose of a wine cellar?

Purpose. Wine cellars protect alcoholic beverages from potentially harmful external influences, providing darkness, constant temperature, and constant humidity. Wine is a natural, perishable food product issued from fermentation of fruit.

What is the storage area under stairs called?

What is the space under stairs called? The space under stairs is called a “spandrel” which simply translates to the triangular space underneath if there’s not another flight of stairs immediately under this.